Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting


The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is one among the early Ministries set up after India’s Independence and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was India’s first Minister for Information and Broadcasting. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is one of the vital Ministries that represent the face of the government in reaching out to the masses. The Ministry is also the focal point as regards policy matters related to private broadcasting sector, administering of the public broadcasting service- Prasar Bharati, multi-media advertising and publicity of the policies and programmes of the Union Government, film promotion and certification and regulation of print media.

The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting is functionally organized into three wings (i) Information Wing, (ii) Broadcasting Wing and (iii) Films Wing.

The Information Wing is in charge of the presentation and interpretation of the policies and activities of the Government of India through the medium of the print, electronic and digital media, framing of policy guidelines for rate fixation of government advertisements on print; electronic; and online platform, administering of the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867, the Press Council Act, 1978 and allocation of newsprint to Newspapers.

The Broadcasting Wing by administering the Prasar Bharati (Broadcasting Corporation of India) Act, 1990 takes care of the affairs of All India Radio and Doordarshan including matters related to development of radio and television broadcasting throughout the Union, installation and maintenance of Radio Stations, Transmitters, operation of television Programme Production Centres etc.

The Films Wing of the Ministry administers the Cinematograph Act, 1952 which looks into certification of films for public exhibition, import of films for theatrical and non-theatrical viewing, export of Indian films, import of unexposed cinematograph films.

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