Lakhimpur Telahi Kamalaboria College

Lakhimpur Telahi Kamalaboria College


L.T.K.College was established on the 22nd day of Aug.1977 at the initiative of the local people at the conjoining point of Lakhimpur, Telahi and Kamalabaria Mouzas and named accordingly as L.T.K. College. The missionary zeal, uniflinching endeavor and sacrifice of some prominent local people and whole hearted devotion of some teachers and the management has brought the college to its present state of dignity. The Arts stream was brought under deficit grant-in-aid system in 1987.The college is permanently affiliated to Dibrugarh University and registered under 2(f) and 12 (b) U.G.C. Act.1956. With a view to imparting Science education among rural youths the science stream was started in 1994 and in keeping with agrarian economy of the locality a vocational subject ” Industrial Fish and Fishery ” was introduce in 1998 under U.G.C. scheme.

Industry: Education/Research

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