Goa Shipyard Limited

Goa Shipyard Limited


As India took its first steps as a political entity in 1947, the policymakers recognized that it would be in the country’s best interests to cultivate indigenous warship building as a strategic capability. In 1961, after Goa’s liberation, the potential of a small shipyard called “Estaleiros Navais de Goa” to contribute towards this national aspiration was recognized. The Yard later renamed Goa Shipyard Limited, was consciously shaped, developed, and upgraded to become one of the country’s premier defense shipbuilding hubs on the west coast.

Over the years, Goa Shipyard Ltd. gradually developed to meet the growing shipbuilding needs of the country’s naval defense sector, in the process going on to design and build a wide range of vessels for the defense as well as the commercial sectors.

Industry: Marine, Shipping & Navigation

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