Girls’ College Kokrajhar

Girls’ College Kokrajhar

The long felt necessity of establishing a Girls’ higher education at Kokrajhar was not materialized due to one or the other reason till 14th July of 1990 when a public meeting was held at the premises of the Pragati Vhaban and unanimously a resolution was adopted for setting up of Girls’ College at Kokrajhar.

Mr. Phanindra Nath Brahma the existing President of the Governing Body of the College was the former founder Principal and late Mahini Mohan Brahma and Mr. Jagadish Chandra Brahma were President and Secretary respectively.

Initially, pursuant to the resolution of the public meeting, classes were held at the premises of the Basic Training Centre (BTC) for some time. 739 students took admission in the H.S. 1st year in 1990.

The number of students passed out at that time was abnormally high causing difficulties to the concerned institution to offer admission.

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