Directorate Of School Education, Mizoram

Directorate Of School Education, Mizoram


Formal education in Mizoram started with the arrival of Christian missionaries. The Christian Missionaries introduced the Roman scripts in 1894 with a phonetic form of spelling. They started opening schools in a few villages, such as Khawrihnim, Phulpui, and Chhingchhip 1901. In 1903, three more schools were opened and seven more in the next year. In 1909, the first-ever Middle Schools were opened in Aizawl and Serkawn respectively. In 1944, the first High School was started in Aizawl by public donations. The opening of High School marked a new epoch of event in the educational progress in the hilly area, now called Mizoram.

Directorate of School Education, Mizoram aims to ensure universal access to quality education for establishing a literate society.

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