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D.C. Office, Sivasagar

Sivasagar (“the ocean of Shiva”), is a city in and headquarters of the Sivasagar district Assam, India. The city gets its name from the big lake, Sivasagar, situated in the heart of the city. The lake was commissioned by the Ahom king Siva Singha. It lies about 360 kilometers (224 mi) northeast of Guwahati. This city is surrounded by the Dehing rainforest, where the Dihing (Brahmaputra) and Lohit rivers meet. It is one of the quaintest towns of Eastern Assam, Sivasagar is one of the cleanest towns in Assam. The district is situated between 26.45° and 27.15° North latitudes and 94.25° and 95.25° East longitudes. Sivasagar district occupies an area of 2,668 square kilometers (1,030 sq mi),[5] comparatively equivalent to Estonia’s Saaremaa Island.

The Sivasgar was established by Ahoms. Before that at the early time, the area under the district was inhabited by the indigenous Tai and Tibeto-Burman tribes like Matak, Borahis, and Morans.

The Sivasagar District celebrates Sivasagar Day on July the 1st of every year. The day is celebrated with cultural programs and cultural rallies along with plantation programs in the entire Sivasagar District.

Industry: Public Administration

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