Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Dhemaji District

Deputy Commissioner's Office, Dhemaji District


Dhemaji district is one of the 33 administrative districts of the state of Assam in India. The district headquarters are located at Dhemaji and while the commercial headquarters are located at Silapathar.

Dhemaji district occupies an area of 3,237 square kilometers (1,250 sq mi) and situated at the easternmost part of Assam. Being in a confluence of rivers with the mighty Brahmaputra river flanking the district and its numerous tributaries running through the district, the region is perennially affected by floods.

Deputy Commissioner is the Administrative Head of the District. The Deputy Commissioner is entrusted with overall responsibility for law and order, implementation of government schemes and is also authorised to hear revenue cases pertaining to the district. He/she is also authorised to collect Land Revenue and is therefore also referred collector (revenue) and also to control encroachment of government land in the district.

Industry: Public Administration

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