Chandra Kamal Bezbaruah College, Teok


Chandra Kamal Bezbaruah College Teok is located by the side of the National Highway No 37 at about 25 Kms. east of Jorhat town. The word ‘Teok’ comes from the Tai language which means abundance of milk and ghee.

This large belt of the eastern part of Jorhat district is mostly inhabited by small agriculturalists and tea garden labourers. A large part of its population of neighboring areas of the college belongs to Schedule Caste and Plain Tribe of the Mising Community.

C.K.B. College, Teok is almost at equidistance from Jorhat and Sivasagar. It is well connected by bus from both the towns. Three sides of the college are surrounded by beautiful tea garden.

The college has about 100 bigha (approximately 33.33 acers) of land out of which about 35% land is covered by valuable trees. The natural environment of the college can be compared with an ancient Indian Ashram.

Industry: Education/Research

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