Central Silk Board

Central Silk Board

Central Silk Board (CSB) is a Statutory body established in 1948 by an Act of Parliament. It is working under the administrative control of the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. The vision of this board is to see India emerge as the leader in the world market for silk.

The mandate of this board are:

  • Promoting the development of Silk Industry by such measures as it thinks fit.
  • To create greater opportunities for gainful employment and improved levels of income in sericulture through the spread of scientific sericulture practices
  • Undertaking, assisting or encouraging scientific, technological and economic research.
  • Devising means for improved methods of mulberry cultivation, silkworm rearing, developing and distribution of healthy silkworm seeds, improved methods of silk reeling and spinning of the cocoons and silk-waste, improving the quality and production of raw silk, if necessary by making it compulsory, for all the raw silk to be marketed ,only after the same has been tested and graded in properly quipped raw Silk Testing and Conditioning Houses.

Website: http://csb.gov.in/
Industry: Textile

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