Assam Petro-Chemicals Limited

Assam Petro-Chemicals Limited

Assam Petro-Chemicals Ltd. (APL) is a state level public sector undertaking of Govt. of Assam incorporated on 22nd April 1971. The foundation stone of the company was laid at Namrup on 15th June 1971 for production of Methanol and Formalin. Assam Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. (AIDC) promoted the company for manufacture of Methanol from Natural Gas which was abundantly available in the adjoining oil field in the Upper Assam. The Petrochemical complex of APL is the first of its kind in India, having natural gas as feedstock. Formalin is its downstream product.The company started its commercial production of Methanol and Formalin in June, 1976 from its two plants of 21 MTPD and 36 MTPD capacities respectively and a few Urea Formaldehyde resins as downstream projects with technology supplied by Mitsubishi Gas Chemicals Co., Japan.

Assam Petro-Chemicals Limited was the first company whose shares were listed in Bombay Stock Exchange (Now BSE) in 1975. The shares of the company delisted from BSE w.e.f. 20.02.2017 to enable the company to allot shares to Governor of Assam, Oil India Limited and Assam Gas Company Limited through private placement. APL was subsidiary company of Assam Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. till 21st September, 2018. Due to allotment of shares to the Governor of Assam, Oil India Limited and Assam Gas Co. Ltd. the company no longer a subsidiary of Assam Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. from that date.

APL produces Methanol and Formalin from its plants located at Namrup and sell these products in domestic as well as exports to neighbouring countries viz. Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Industry: Energy & Mining

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