Top Challenges Faced By Freelancers and How One Should Solve Them

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Challenges faced by freelancers

Freelancing is bliss!! But it’s not always bread and butter. A freelancer has to face a lot of challenges, day in and day out.

So let’s find out some practical solutions to such problems and make our fellow freelancers’ lives a bit more blissful.

Challenges Faced by Freelancers

Being a freelancer means being your own boss. It is like running your own small business where you have to take care of everything, because…

  • You are no longer in a team,
  • you no longer have just one particular task,
  • you no longer have the support of a large team, and
  • you cannot but have to get up and work hard in order to make good money.

It is not as easy as it seems to many people.

However, it is much better than having a boss who is ‘too bossy’.

Yes, indeed !!

You get to wake up whenever you want to and every day can be celebrated as a weekend. But, there will be days when you will have to be disciplined and get things done in order to make ends meet.

I have been working as a freelancer for quite a while and have faced many ups and downs, big wins and roadblocks along the road.

When you become your own boss, you have to go through a lot and yet learn to deal with the day to day challenges of an Entrepreneur. Develop yourself  as an Entrepreneur

If you have worked as a freelancer for even part-time, I am sure, you may have come across with these issues. Let’s have a look at them and JUST SHOOT THEM RIGHT AWAY !!

Here are three major challenges every freelancer faces and some practical solutions to deal with them.

1. Too much to do in too little time!

This is one of the major things that bugs a person who handles too much, who multi-tasks and takes more work than he or she can actually deliver.

Freelancers often complain that they have too many things to handle and have no help.

  • They have to reply to emails,
  • They have to find new clients,
  • They have to manage the present ones,
  • They have to promote their business,
  • They must be active on social media,
  • They have to keep a tab on things,
  • They have to manage bills, invoices, payment follow-ups, taxes, personal work and other things.

Phew!! That’s a long list.

Freelancers do all of this while “actually delivering the client work” be it content writing services or graphic designing work. There is always more to do and so little time!


  • Time Management and Scheduling. If tasks are not scheduled, you may end up never doing them. Have a plan and be organized about your work, meetings, bills and other things. So, stop procrastination.
  • Get help. Yes, if you aren’t able to manage everything by yourself, there is no shame in getting a little help say for example have an accountant to manage your finances, it saves a lot of bandwidth.
  • Lastly, exercise and meditate. I know, it may sound irrelevant, however, your body needs to be fit and fully efficient in order to get more done. If you are ill, no matter how many clients or whatever passion you have, you cannot deliver anything. Makes sense, right?

2. Irritating Clients – Nightmare:

We all, at some point, have experienced having that one irritating client who has high demands, is not open to ideas, and does not want to pay on time.

Your bad mood just spirals when you interact with such clients.


  • Document everything. Do not depend upon calls or loose talks, have everything over the email so you can go back to it when the client refuses to keep his word.
  • Be clear about the deliverables and give the proposal in writing.
  • Discuss payments well in advance. Take part payment before the work is done and the remaining one after the work is done.
  • Set the number of revisions allowed from your end. Keep the communication open.
  • If you have a team or a slightly larger organization, you can make legal contracts.
  • Lastly, don’t let it affect your mental health. You are more important and everything else is secondary.

3. Inconsistent Income:

Yes, this is another major issue freelancer’s face. As there is no fixed job, there is no fixed salary.

One month you may end up crossing all your targets, the next month you may feel broke. It happens.

Happens to the best of us !!

There are pros and cons to everything that you choose, every decision that you make.

You have chosen this life of freedom and it comes with its repercussions as well.


  • Save! Save! Save! Get help from experts on your finances and manage it well. Read our blog on money saving tips.
  • Investments are the key. Invest in Stocks or Invest in Mutual Funds
  • Keep a check on mindless spending and manage your taxes well.
  • Keep a check on all your bills and invoices, make sure you set a fixed time to receive payments.
  • Always have some liquid income in your emergency account.

For the days when you feel your income is very low, please don’t lose hope.

There will be better days soon. Always ensure you have good clients that pay on time.

Focus on increasing long-term clients and get references.

Ensure you have something of your own running at the backdrop in case clients delay their payment.

Keep plan B ready, depending upon your business type.

Apart from these, I am sure there are a lot more issues that bug freelancers on a day to day basis. I am adding a few more bonus ones below:

  • Discipline: This can be a major one for many. As there is no supervision, people tend to procrastinate a lot. Being disciplined and a goal-focus vision will help.
  • Lack of technical knowledge:  Managing a business alone is exhausting. This can bring down your energy and waste a lot of your precious time. The only solution is getting help from experts. You do your job well and let them help you with the technical stuff.
  • Short-sightedness: Being visionless can take you nowhere. Have goals, plan ahead and move from one success to another.

I am rooting for you! Hope these steps helped, comment below and let me know! All the best!

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