Opportunities for a career in interior designing is immense. After completing a degree/diploma in interior designing either go for high salary jobs or you can start your own design firm.

If you are a creative individual, if you can observe things around you in great detail, and most importantly, if you want to be your own boss, then interior designing is the best career that you have been searching for years.

How to Become an Interior Designer?

To become an Interior Designer, you must have Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Interior Design. Degrees available for Interior Design are B.Sc., B.A., B.Des., M.Des., BFA, M.Sc., and M.A.

In some states, a license is required to do the work of the interior designer. But there are also some other states where no license is required. Moreover, in some states candidates have to pass the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam to become a Registered Interior Designer. Those who want to appear for the NCIDQ exam must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design and a minimum of 2 years of work experience.

It has been found in a report that opportunities as a career in interior designing are expected to be grown by 2025 globally. As per the research conducted by CII, the number of designers was estimated at 36, 387 out of which 10.17% were interior designers.  According to a report by Brandongaille, interior design job is expected to see an increase by 13% in the next decade.

Opportunities for Career in Interior Designing (Section I)

If you dream of becoming a successful interior designer, then the following career options are the most attractive and best ways of having a successful career as an interior designer. It depends on you that whether you are opting for a job with a big fat salary or freelancing or starting your own company, you achieve whatever you want.

1. Starting Your Own Design Firm

Sushmita, a Bangalore based Interior Designer who did her interior designing course at a reputed institute. Initially, her parents did not support her decision in pursuing interior design as a career. But, she somehow managed to convince her parents and that has come out to be a turning point in her life. After completing her course, she is making good money by opening her own design firm.

There’s huge scope as a career in interior designing these days. So if you are thinking of opening your own design firm, then you are thinking absolutely right, especially if belong to any developing nation. Interior designers these days are going to have more and more business prospect as people are revamping and renovating their homes, offices etc. every 3-4 years.

New spaces such as restaurants, schools, new houses etc. are also growing so rapidly that everybody wants the magical touch of an interior designer in order to outwork the competition. Running your own interior design practise means being surrounded by a ton of creativity, work flexibility, earning a hell of a lot of money and being your own boss. This career opportunity for interior designers is hence considered the best.

2. Working in Design Firms / Construction Companies

Architecture or interior design office is one of the best places to work at. Every day is a new challenge and there is no boredom and no dullness at work. The design is a team effort and thus it isn’t any other 9-5 job.

The office space itself is so attractive and in addition, you are surrounded by smart, creative and talented people. Though in the design industry there is a lot of hard work and perseverance, when you see such a workspace, you come out amazing, and it all feels worthy.

It is reported that the employment opportunities of interior designers are likely to grow 5 per cent over the next ten years.

3. Working as a Furniture Designer

Furniture in itself is a vast field! There are courses which specifically deals in furniture designing. So, being an interior designer, you shall gain knowledge about the minuteness and fine nuances of furniture. You can use that knowledge to become a furniture designer or start your own boutique.

According to “Indian Furniture Market Forecast and Opportunities”, in 2019, the furniture market of the country was projected to grow at a CAGR of 26%.

Nothing gives more joy than helping convert somebody’s “house“, into their “home“. This field of work can be so huge that you would have never ever imagined it.


4. Working as a UX Designer / Graphic Designer

Every company knows that they need good advertisements, hoardings, and graphic design. Interior designers learn a lot about visual designing and presentation. The ideas put forth to a client must look attractive and convincing. They also learn a lot of software tools such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, Indesign, Sketchup, Autocad, V-ray, 3DsMax etc.

Designing your own sheets and using these software tools gives a fair idea of graphic designing and a lot of interior designers take it up as their vocation. Graphic design is a colourful, interesting, fun and highly profitable profession. Some, also foray into web designing and user experience designing.

5. Selling Interior Decoration Elements

Though this is not a directly related business for interior designers there are a lot of elements involved in the interiors of a space. Some of the basic elements include flooring, ceiling, electrical, plumbing, paints, panelling and so on. Gaining good knowledge about all these aspects makes you an expert in every element.

A lot of interior designers foray into the business of selling some specific interior elements by using their knowledge in this highly profitable field. Hardware, timber, plywood, fixtures, ornaments, soft furnishing, modular kitchens, modular furniture etc. are some of the elements which guarantee a fascinating career in interior designing.

6. Working in Product Showrooms

With an increase in the number of product showrooms, the demand for product designers is increasing day by day. Since as an Interior Designer, your job is to curate fine art pieces and artefacts to complete a space, you can prosper in this field like never before. They not only have a fine eye but also a great vision to suggest what will look good and where.

Interior designers also have in-depth knowledge about a lot of materials and how to work with them. Thus, they can become successful product designers, over a wide range of commodities such as lights, home decor, rugs, curtains, furnishing, gift articles, artefacts and showpieces, clocks and so on.

7. Television / Production House Set Designers

The demand for innovative and attractive stage designs, for various events, award shows, parties, weddings etc. is huge. Interior designers have the opportunity to become stage or set designer for movies, TV series, events, concerts etc. A lot of expos and exhibitions are also organized in various cities on a regular basis.

People also need interior designers to design engaging stalls and temporary installations for them. As these events last for 3-4 days maximum, temporary installations are taken down after the event is over. Therefore, there is a constant demand for designers for every coming event. Thus you can have a rewarding career in interior design.


8. Become an Artist / Photographer / Blogger

On gaining knowledge in design, art and graphics, a lot of talented interior designers, who have an inclination for all artsy things, get a lot of offers for graffiti, wall art, paintings, hand-painted articles, etc. If you also possess a talent for writing blogs, you can pursue that career anytime time you want.

You can also try working as a creative content writer, “like me”, and start writing blogs on interiors, architecture and all things that are related to design! Designers are also taught photography, framing, lighting and angles. So, photography is also a viable and interesting vocation to pursue after studying interior design.

9. Become a Portfolio Designer / Model Maker

All design professionals such as architects, interior designers, graphic designers, fashion designers, photographers etc. need their portfolios to showcase their work. They can make their own portfolio or hire graphic designers to design it for them. And if they are busy designers, they will surely outsource their minor works.

Even students approach senior designers to help them design their portfolio. Architecture and interior model making is also a very artsy and fascinating work, which allows you to be crafty, and pays you well with flexible work hours. And if you are well versed in using the software tools it will add more to your profession.

10. Teaching Interior Designing

Developing design thinking and encouraging students to be creative, generate ideas and give them technical knowledge is a highly fulfilling, holistic and satisfying career option. Inspiring a bunch of students to think out of the box, and triggering the designing sense in them to produce talented designers is part of this job profile.

They say that there is no other satisfying job than making the enthusiastic young generation a well versed professional. And since designing is not something which you can learn from any textbook, it makes this job even more challenging and enjoyable.

Salary of Interior Designers (Section II)

If you are a recent college graduate, consider applying for entry-level and assistant interior design positions in order to develop the skill set necessary and gain practical experience in the industry. These types of positions will allow an individual to move into higher salaried positions as they develop their career.

Since there are so many different areas of interior design, interior designer salaries can vary wildly throughout the globe. Job prospects should be better in high-income areas, because “wealthy clients are more likely than others to engage in remodelling and renovating their homes

Average Interior Designer Yearly Salary: Interior Designers earn an average yearly salary of INR 3,50,000/- Salaries typically start from INR 2,00,000/- and may go up to INR 7,00,000/-

Average Interior Designer Hourly Wage: Interior Designers earn an average hourly wage of INR 600/- Hourly wages typically start from INR 300/- and go up to INR 800/-

(source: sokanu aggregators)

The average annual wage for interior designers is around INR 5,00,000/-. Where the lowest 10% of the interior designers made less than INR 4,00,000/- and the top 10% of the interior designers made more than INR 12,00,000/-

Top Interior Design Industries Avg. Annual Wages
Architectural, engineering, and related services INR 8,00,000/-
Wholesale trade INR 6,00,000/-
Specialized design services INR 5,00,000/-
Furniture stores INR 4,00,000/-


Section II (Salary of Interior Designers) is only valid for those who want to limit their dreams and career up to a certain extent. If you want to score unlimited and make big fat profits, then make a move towards opening your own design venture. Start dreaming big.

Of course, at the initial stages, you need to assist the big players in order to gain experience in this field. But slowly and steadily, start thinking about opening your very own design firm as there no other happiness than being your own boss. Avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong career.


Interior Design is one of the best courses to pursue both creative and out of the box thinkers. An aptitude for art, design, and decor is a prerequisite. The ability to challenge yourself and come up with new ideas and concepts is a must. So if you think, you have what it takes to become an interior designer you are all set to choose design as a career.