India is an agricultural country. More than 65% of the Indian population depends upon agriculture for livelihood. The Agricultural sector contributes 16-17% to the  GDP of the country. But, students in India lag behind while choosing a career in agriculture.

They are more interested in other careers like medical, engineering etc. Even many are not aware of the opportunities accessible after completing B.Sc. in Agriculture.

In this article, you will get an idea about available jobs after B.Sc. in agricultural science. Here you will get to know about jobs available both in the public and private sectors.

Jobs in Public Sectors:

There are many job opportunities in the public sector for an agricultural science graduate.

1. Indian Forest Service

Indian Forest Service Exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission to recruit Indian Forest Service Officers. To appear for this exam one must have Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science/ Botany/ Chemistry/ Geology/ Mathematics/ Physics/ Statistics/ Zoology as one of the subjects in Bachelor’s degree.

2. Bank Specialist Officer

Specialist Officers are appointed in various public sector banks through an exam called IBPS SO. Those candidates who have graduated in some specialised areas are able to apply for this exam. Amongst those a candidate completing B.Sc in Agriculture also gets an opportunity to become an Agricultural Officer in various public sector banks across the country by appearing for this exam.

3. Section Officer

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) recruits Section Officer (Horticulture) in various Central Government Departments. To become a Section Officer one should be a graduate in Agriculture or botany or Horticulture from a recognized university or Institute. Moreover, he/she has to pass the exam conducted by Staff Selection Commission for this purpose.

Besides SSC, Delhi Development Authority also recruits Horticulture or Section Officer.


4. Assistant Manager in NABARD

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development is responsible for promoting agricultural and rural development in the country. Many Posts are available in the institute for an Agriculture Science graduate. These posts include General Agriculture, Agriculture Engineering, Agriculture Marketing/Agribusiness Management, Agriculture Economics/Economics etc. The candidate appointed to these posts enjoys the designation of Grade A NABARD officer.

5. Agriculture Development Officer

The role of an Agriculture Officer is to investigate samples whether they are complying with the rules of the State or not. Many State Public Service Commissions conduct exam to recruit Agriculture Development Officer in the state. To become an Agriculture officer, one should have a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Engineering/Agricultural Science.

6. Landscaping Officer

The role of a landscape officer is to ensure local landscapes are protected. They also review development proposals and advise in relation to the planning application. Indian Airport Authority appoints a Landscape officer to look after plantation and maintenance of horticulture and landscaping.

Jobs in Private Sectors

Besides job opportunities in public sectors, there are many opportunities in private sectors too.

1. Farm Manager

The responsibility of a Farm Manager is to supervise a farm. A Farm Manager monitors the fertilisation, planting, watering, cultivation and harvesting of crops on a crop farm. It is a good career option for an Agricultural Science graduate. As a Farm Manager one works with livestock, crops, or a mixture of both.


2. Horticulture Manager

A Horticulture Manager maintains planting material according to the season. He/she also inspects and executes plantation work. Horticulture Managers are appointed in various industries, corporations, parks etc. To become a Horticulture Manager one should be a graduate in Horticulture/Agriculture.

3. Plant Breeder

The duty of a Plant Breeder is to research the seed characteristics and improve the quality of the plant. A plant breeder manages and develops a breeding program, develop and maintain the link between the company and technology support providers.

4. Agronomist

An Agronomist studies how to cultivate, alter and utilise a plant. Although Agronomists specialise in various fields, they mostly focus on increasing the quality and quantity of plants produced. An Agronomist is required in farms or greenhouses to observe plants. They are also recruited in agricultural labs to perform experiments and in some of the private institutions.

5. Food Safety Manager

Food Safety Managers are responsible for controlling the quality of the raw materials and finished products. They also compute formulas, percentages and production using chemical and mathematical procedures. They assist in setting quality standards and ensure that production is maintained at such standards and also responsible for maintaining service quality.

Food Safety Managers are appointed in food production companies, food chemical supply companies etc.

Areas for Employment Opportunities

There are many areas where an Agricultural Science Graduate can get employment opportunities. These are


1. Agricultural Economics

Agricultural economics is concerned with the application of economic theory in optimising the production and distribution of food. Agricultural economists have made substantial contributions to research in economics, econometrics, development economics and environmental economics. Agricultural economics influences food policy, agricultural policy and environmental policy.

2. Agripreneurship

Agripreneurship refers to entrepreneurship in the agricultural field. In agripreneurship (agriculture + entrepreneurship), one can innovate new business ideas related to agriculture. Based on the needs of the market, Agrepreneurs come forward to fulfil the demand of the market by innovating new business ideas in agriculture. Agripreneurship is growing faster that will improve production and profitability.

3. Food Technology

Food Technology deals with the production, preservation, quality control, and research and developments of food products. Food technology is the process of innovating safe and nutritious food in order to address the growing global food security concern.

The growing number of food technology industries will require a lot of Graduates who are well versed with the knowledge of the agricultural concept. Therefore, it will be an added advantage for the agricultural graduates to grab an opportunity in such food technology industries.

4. Pesticides and Fertilisers Company

Pesticides and fertilisers are produced by many companies for agricultural use. There are many well-known companies that produce pesticides and fertilisers in India. These companies also recruit agricultural graduates on a large basis. The salary and other facilities are also lucrative in these companies.


We hope, you have been able to find out an idea about the various opportunities available for an agricultural graduate. If you are a student of agricultural science or think about pursuing a career in this field you should work towards fulfilling your dream without any hesitation. Because there are many opportunities in this field that have the potentialities to help you to turn your dream into a reality.