An Amazing Way To Sell Used Books Online

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There are numbers of ways to sell used books online, but Book Scouter has made the whole process simple and amazing. When you sell old books online it not only gives you the best deal but meets up your space problems too.

Sell Used Books Online: Process Redefined

Niki Stuart has recently completed her Bachelors in Engineering. Within this span of time of studying, she bought lots of books including text and reference books. This heap of books has caused her to think about their prospects. If you have a library, you may think of accommodating them augmenting the pride of having a great collection. If you don’t see yourself rereading the old books, certainly they create storage issues for you.

Many people like Niki encounter the same problem and ended up selling them as scraps which is not only a cheap deal but a lot derogatory for a book’s fortune. Though there are some old bookshops which buy second-hand books, their deals are not very attractive. At the same time, it is not always possible to find an appropriate buyer to sell used books of particular kind or type.

Today in this blog I am going to tell you about a website that addresses such issues with reselling of old books. This site almost works like a search engine in terms of selling your books to an appropriate vendor. Here I am talking about

A brief introduction of

If you want to sell used books online, is an efficient website to look for. Back in 2007, was launched as a website, to help friends to earn cash by selling books and pay-off their debts. Since then it grew its community exponentially and serving a much bigger society. Their service receiver includes students, small businesses, corporations, schools, universities etc. Within this long period, the site has expanded manifold containing a large amount of database.

What does The Site do? gives the opportunity to sell used books online. This is a fantastic site in terms of searching a comparative list of book buyback vendors. What makes the site unique is that it doesn’t buy books itself, but gives you a list of vendors along with their offer price. So that you can learn the price range of the book you want to sell. What you have to do? You simply have to type the ISBN or title of the book you want to sell in the search box. As the list of the vendors emerges, you can choose the best-suited vendor for your book. Vendor ratings are given beside helps you in judging the credibility of the vendor.

After comparing the vendor’s prices click the one you like, to go to the vendor’s site. Once you complete the transaction on a vendor’s site, you’ll receive an email containing free (mostly for US booksellers) shipping label. Securely pack your book with that and drop it at local shipping centre. On receiving the book, the vendor inspects the book carefully and after that pays the amount through online medium.


If you go to an online buyback vendor for selling a specific book, you hardly know its worth. Moreover, the credibility of the vendor may be unknown to you. makes the whole reselling process easy. tries to address those problems at one go. An old bookseller gets the opportunity to choose the best vendor of his choice. Coz the seller can pick the vendor (from the search list) paying the highest amount of price for the book or the vendor is having good ratings. There is a flexibility of choice, which makes the site unique.

Points to note:

  • Things need to be clear on the website. is not a buyer of your book, they are a medium to sell old books online. It works like a search engine to find you the best buyback vendors. So, this site will no way be responsible or accountable for any issue related to the selling of books and their payments with the vendors listed in the search results.
  • Packing of the book is the sole responsibility of the seller and has to despatch the books as per the guidelines of the specific vendor.
  • com doesn’t show results for books without ISBN. The site is not meant for them who want to sell rare, collectible or antique books.


Authenticity: (5/5)

I find an authentic site to sell old books online. As it works like a search engine to find out various vendors who are interested in buying a book, I find it pretty impressive. Moreover, the site also uses its own review system about the vendor besides the search results; it becomes easier for a person to find his match.

As mentioned by, vendor rating is based on rolling two year average of user ratings. The site also maintains the page of vendors along with their ratings. As claimed by the site, they stay neutral while moderating user comments and feedback, so that a seller finds it useful in real terms.

Ease of Access: (5/5)

To sell old books online through is very easy. The website features a prominent search box on almost all the pages of the site including the homepage. The operation is quite simple. Once you put the ISBN or book title in the search box a comprehensive list of vendors appear. Choose the right one based on payout and vendor review. also provides the mobile application for Android and iOS platform. These applications have the facility to scan the Barcode of the book rather than typing the ISBN to search buyback vendors. The site mentions that their mobile applications are compatible with most of the Bluetooth scanners (not tested by me).

Payout: (Not rated) doesn’t buy books itself but gives links to vendors. So, for the payout, the site is no way responsible. It is the vendors who buy the books pay you for selling books. Once the connection between the seller and buyer is established, the entire paying terms depend on the individual buyer.


If you wish to sell old books online, comes up with numbers of websites in its search results. The site simply helps you in finding vendors for your old books, hence, actual terms of the deal depend on individual buyers. But the positive aspect is, the site provides you an opportunity to pick your suitable vendor based on user ratings and reviews to sell used books.

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