Author: Priyanka Bhowmick

Review of the Top Bitcoin Wallets That Gives You Extra Protection(Part -3)

In my last two posts, I talked about the top Bitcoin wallets of the current time. Therefore, I’ll be continuing this list in this final part where you can find a few more wallets to transact Bitcoin currencies. This part includes Armory Wallet Review,  Breadwallet Review, Multibit Wallet Review, Wirex Wallet Review, Xapo Wallet Review and Keepkey Wallet Review. In case, you missed the previous parts of this article, then do read them, Review of the Top Bitcoin Wallets (Part – 1) Review of the Top Bitcoin Wallets (Part – 2) Top Bitcoin Wallets Review Armory Wallet Review Armory...

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Review of the Top Bitcoin Wallets That Gives You Extra Protection(Part -2)

In my last post, I mentioned a few of the best Bitcoin wallets that can add safety to your Bitcoin funds. Without a Bitcoin wallet, it won’t be possible for you to send or receive funds, and hence, a number of wallets are generated to secure your Bitcoin money and prevent access to hackers. So in this post, I am continuing with the list of top Bitcoin wallets and reviewing another set of wallets. Top Bitcoin Wallets GreenAddress GreenAddress is the first of the top Bitcoin wallets I am discussing today. It provides improved security to your Bitcoins and limits...

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Review of the Top Bitcoin Wallets That Gives You Extra Protection(Part -1)

Last time, I talked about the safety of Bitcoin and the ins and outs of cryptocurrency. As you have learned that we cannot rely on the inbuilt Bitcoin security system, we need to take up a number of steps to implement security on our own. And if you want to keep your account safe, it is important to syndicate digital security with Bitcoin secure storage. Here’s the role of Bitcoin Wallet emerges. As Bitcoin transactions are not reversible, to send or receive it, one must have access to both public keys and private keys. This is why Bitcoin wallets...

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15 Career Mistakes You Should Avoid

Most people commit the mistake of shifting jobs. I mean, is it really required? Because all companies contain both advantages and disadvantages, so it becomes difficult to judge the best. And most of the time, people tend to judge themselves and end up making the mistake of quitting the job. This are the biggest career mistakes people make in their life. Since challenges are a part of your profession, you should learn to deal with it properly and rectify your career mistakes. Maintaining stability in your professional life is extremely significant. Unless you learn to maintain this, you won’t...

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