Author: Gaurab Singha Roy

Amazon Mechanical Turk Review: Simplified Way To Make Money From Home Online

When you are looking to make money from home online through micro jobs or home based works, the greatest platform available is Amazon Mechanical Turk. This site is amazing and provides lucrative opportunities to freelancers. Amazon Mechanical Turk Review While doing Amazon Mechanical Turk review, I stressed on numbers of factors like authenticity, accessibility and usability of the site. In terms of authenticity, the site Amazon Mechanical Turk is hundred percent genuine. Afterall, it’s an Amazon service. And when it comes to the payout, it never keeps you waiting. That makes it one of the best micro jobs hunter....

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Freelance Graphic Design Jobs: 5 Sites To Start A Creative Career

Freelance graphic design jobs has opened up new opportunities to pursue a creative career. Nowadays, you can even make money by designing t-shirts with zero out-of-pocket cost. Most of us are going to end up designing custom t-shirts for ourselves and at max, for our friends. Now, what if I tell you that you can make thousands of bucks out of online graphic designing jobs? And, not only t-shirt, you can design anything and everything. Starting from mugs to cell phone covers to t-shirts, you can get into anything and everything. Online Graphic Design Jobs In this article, I’ll be sharing...

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Domain Flipping: Make Money By Buying And Selling Domain Names

Domain flipping or buying and selling domain names for profit is no more an amateurish trick to earn money. Some have even made a career out of it, while others are taking it as a good source of passive income. This article explains you, how to sell domain name in the most efficient manner. It also tells you about the different platforms to go for domain name auction. What is Domain Flipping? Do you know how to sell domain name? Can it be efficient enough? If not, then before entering into the core process of money making out of...

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Make Money Online: 5 Cool Ideas to Get Rich

Make money online to get rich- are often anticipated as frauds or false commitments. But, the time has come that you cannot outright reject such an opportunity. On the contrary, some of them have proven to be worthy alternatives to the traditional earning sources. There are lots earning opportunities, be it online transcription jobs or reselling expired domains or earn money by clicking ads. Make Money Online to Get Rich World economies are fluctuating to the point where people don’t know if they will lose their jobs or keep them. When an economic downfall hits, people don’t know if...

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Online Jobs From Home: 5 Sites That Can Make You An Internet Entrepreneur

“Online jobs from home”- this may be one of the highest searched term on Google. And why not? Online work from home not only gives you the comfort of the homely environment but gives you the opportunity to become an internet entrepreneur. But there is a herd of people who even don’t know what’s this all about. And believe it or not, most of the frauds and scams happen in this sector. So, where do you end up? Online Jobs From Home We live in a digital world, where connectedness is at the forefront of our lives. And people...

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