Author: Deep Sikder

How I Survived Job Scams? 8 Warning Signs To Tackle Fraud Jobs

Job scams nowadays have shaken the confidence and faith of the youngsters. Fraud jobs, work from home scams are becoming so common in our society that we can’t even discriminate the genuine one. Hence I thought of sharing my real life experiences of scam job offers through this awareness blog and figure out some points to identify the fraud jobs. How I Survived Job Scams? I often write blogs about money making ideas– the ideas to earn some extra money through conventional methods or ways of a new genre. It’s a never-ending search. It’s the human ingenuity that ignites...

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How To Start A Blog? Sharing Experiences With My WordPress Blog

How to start a blog is just the first thing comes into the minds of an aspiring blogger. It’s the most common question answered every day by hundreds of experienced blogger. In this blog, I will start from scratch so that a novice may execute things quite easily and share my experiences of maintaining a WordPress blog. How to start a blog? How to start a blog, how to write a blog, how to become a blogger, what is WordPress Blog, these were the questions erupting in my mind as I thought to give a shot to blogging. As...

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8 Amazing Sites That Offer You Website Testing Jobs From Home

Nowadays people are more interested in doing home based jobs rather than serving 10 to 5 jobs. And website testing jobs from home is a worthy option to try for. Doing web page test, website usability testing and user interface design testing are very part of the job. Sites That Offer Website Testing Jobs From Home Website testing jobs from home are recently drawing attention especially among the youngsters who are keen to have an extra income. The sites mentioned below are good not only in providing freelance jobs to web page test but hold reputation in payouts too...

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5 Part Time Jobs For Students To Earn Extra Money

When you are in college, you cannot afford to go for full time jobs. But when expenses spike up you cannot stay back too. That’s where these part time jobs for students to earn extra money are meant for. 5 Worthy Part Time Jobs For Students To Earn Extra Money When I was in college, I never thought of earning money, simultaneously pursuing my studies. Our (me and my friends) thoughts roved over everything from merrymaking to watching movies, but not earning money. But today, I think it would have been better if I had gone for some extra earnings...

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