Author: Deep Sikder

10 Practical Ways to Improve Work Performance Of Your Employees

At the end of the day when we go for a performance appraisal, we become comparative. Three basic things lie in any appraisal- first how we have fared, second what falls short and number three what are the ways to improve our work performance. Although performance improvement strategies are driven by the outcomes (mostly negative), they are indispensable for both for positive and negative job performances. As a team leader when you would be held accountable to improve efficiency, you need to know the things to improve at work and the core areas of improvement for employees. Ways to...

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10 Social Entrepreneurship Ideas To Make The Earth A Better Place

Recently I came up with a concept called “Social Entrepreneurship”. Though I have heard it a few times, frankly speaking, I was not well-versed on the topic. As I often write about money making ideas, entrepreneurship skills etc., I find the subject quite interesting. I decided to explore things much deeper and find out what’s there for my readers. I have explored some really cool social entrepreneurship ideas that the readers can go for. Social Entrepreneurship Ideas The word ‘Social’ has a multi-dimensional usability- ‘Social Service’, ‘Social Responsibility’, ‘Social Upliftment’ and now this ‘Social Entrepreneurship’. As an Indian, I...

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6 Amazing Sites That Offer You Freelance Travel Writing Jobs

If you love travelling and can express your love with gorgeous strokes of the pen and tempting descriptions, then there’s nothing like freelance travel writing jobs. Blogging as a profession has already created a buzz in the internet world and travel writing is a pleasure. There are numbers of quality websites that accept travel writing articles which pay off well and in turn, you can start your career as a freelance travel writer. Opportunities For Freelance Travel Writer When I was exploring sites for writing my blog posts, I came up with lots of sites that eagerly accept guest...

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5 Excellent Websites That Give You Freelance Job Opportunities

There is no doubt that the accelerated growth of the internet has unboxed several earning opportunities across different genres. In fact, the virtual world is reigning over a large user base as far as online money making is concerned. But, frequent online job scams and fake freelance opportunities making the things dubious. It’s becoming harder for a person to distinguish between the frauds and the real opportunities. So, I thought of citing some of the best freelance websites that can spark your freelance career without doubt and anxiety. 5 Best Freelance Websites In this blog, I will be sharing...

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How To Fight Procrastination? 5 Causes And Their Remedies

I think all the rational human being understands how procrastination works as a deterrent to our success. Many will agree with me that it is the most affecting factor in our productivity. Knowing such an evil thing who doesn’t want to get rid of this? In fact, people try hard to fight procrastination with all means, but can you say how many succeeds. Let’s Fight Procrastination At the initial stage, a person casually defers his tasks at a later date which gradually turns out to be a habit that he cannot reverse even with a strong will. Because he...

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