Author: Deep Sikder

5 Websites To Offer You Freelance Transcription Jobs Sitting At Home

Wide-spread technologies and massive internet usage have unveiled a whole new horizon of making money to the freelancer fraternity. In fact, the most legitimate ways to make money. And freelance transcription jobs through the internet is one of such opportunities that you can hardly dismiss. In this article, I am going to mention about some of the websites that provide freelance transcription jobs that you can do even staying at your home. Recommended Reads: 5 Websites That Offer Freelance Content Writing Opportunity 6 Freelance Tips To Earn More Money Than Other Freelancers Although transcription service is not new to...

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StudyBay Review: Earn Money Doing Online Assignments

As you know doing online homework or online assignments for others is a very remunerative freelancing job, I thought of doing a review of a popular website StudyBay.com for my readers. In one of my previous posts, I reviewed about HomeworkMarket which was appreciated by the readers. In this article, I would like to evaluate the earning opportunities offered by StudyBay.com to the freelancers. Doing online homework has created a new dimension to earn money with freelancing. Those who have a passion for writing and have an applaudable academic career, then online homework jobs are pretty remunerative for them....

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Action Plan To Head Start Your Career As A Freelance Sports Writer

Being a sports writer is full of fun as well as remunerative. Primarily it’s the sports writer or journalist that maintains a string of connection between the fans, the sportsters and the game. Although live telecast on TV has already broadened the fan base, in-depth analysis of the game still thrills their fans. And from a career perspective, freelance sports writing jobs or sports journalism jobs have greater prospects than other sectors. Exploring Opportunities as Sports Writer Earlier a general perception about sports writers is that they were confined to newspapers and at sports magazines. But with the rapid...

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10 Practical Ways to Improve Work Performance Of Your Employees

At the end of the day when we go for a performance appraisal, we become comparative. Three basic things lie in any appraisal- first how we have fared, second what falls short and number three what are the ways to improve our work performance. Although performance improvement strategies are driven by the outcomes (mostly negative), they are indispensable for both for positive and negative job performances. As a team leader when you would be held accountable to improve efficiency, you need to know the things to improve at work and the core areas of improvement for employees. Ways to...

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10 Social Entrepreneurship Ideas To Make The Earth A Better Place

Recently I came up with a concept called “Social Entrepreneurship”. Though I have heard it a few times, frankly speaking, I was not well-versed on the topic. As I often write about money making ideas, entrepreneurship skills etc., I find the subject quite interesting. I decided to explore things much deeper and find out what’s there for my readers. I have explored some really cool social entrepreneurship ideas that the readers can go for. Social Entrepreneurship Ideas The word ‘Social’ has a multi-dimensional usability- ‘Social Service’, ‘Social Responsibility’, ‘Social Upliftment’ and now this ‘Social Entrepreneurship’. As an Indian, I...

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