Psychometric Tests are conducted to measure candidates’ mental and behavioural capabilities. These tests play an important role in measuring an applicant’s or a student’s suitability for a particular job role.

Since these tests help in gauging an applicant’s personality and cognitive capabilities, they play an important role in the entire selection process. There are some websites that can help you practice psychometric tests online even for free.

Due to its unbiased nature and cost-effectiveness, these tests are also conducted as a part of some of India’s top exams. Interestingly, there are number of ways you can improve your productivity through psychometric tests.

Following are some of the famous India exams where Psychometric tests are conducted with the exam pattern and mark allotment:

  1. MICAT
  2. LSAT
  3. CAT
  5. SAT


A computer-based exam, MICAT, is conducted in two phases. It is an MBA entrance exam that is conducted by MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications), Ahmedabad, for admission to its flagship MBA programs. The exam comprises of both objective type as well as descriptive questions.

To excel in the exam, it is important for the candidates to understand the pattern of the exam and the allotment of marks. This will help them in planning and preparing for the exam.

The question paper is divided into three parts:

  1. Section A- It is the Psychometric Test
  2. Section B- It further comprises of 4 sub-sections:
    1. Verbal Ability
    2. Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation
    3. Divergent and Convergent Thinking
    4. General Awareness
  3. Section C- It is a Descriptive Test

The Psychometric Test comprises of 35 questions whereas, the other sections comprise of 25 questions each. The descriptive section, on the other hand, has only 4 questions. The entire exam comprises of 140 questions approximately. The duration of the exam is 2 hours, 45 minutes, and is conducted only in the English language.

Every correct answer carries 1 mark. For every wrong answer, there is a negative marking of 0.25 marks. However, there is no negative marking for the Descriptive and Psychometric Sections.


The Law School Admission Test or LSAT is the multiple-choice question test that is taken by candidates seeking admission to law schools and is administered by LSAC (Law School Admission Council). It is an offline exam and is conducted four times in a year.

The test comprises of 5 sections, which are:

  1. Analytical Reasoning- It comprises of 24 questions. This section is aimed at gauging a candidate’s ability to understand and analyze the information.
  2. Logical Reasoning- There are two sections of 26 questions. This section consists of paragraphs where the candidate needs to analyze the facts.
  3. Reading Comprehension section- It comprises of 26 questions. This section comprises of three passages where the candidate is required to establish the author’s main idea, and draw inferences from the text.
  4. Experimental Section- It can be any of the above sections. This section is not a part of the final scores.
  5. Essay writing- Where one essay is to be written on a specific topic. The essay writing question section is to analyze the writing skills and is not a part of the final scores.

Each section is for a duration of 35 minutes each, whereas, the essay writing section is of 30 minutes only.

The exam is scored on a scale ranging from 120 to 180, with an average score of approximately 150. However, the top law schools accept scores above 160. Each correct answer carries 1 mark, and there is no negative marking if the candidate gives a wrong answer. The total duration of the exam is 2 hours, 55 minutes.

3. CAT

The Common Admission Test or CAT is conducted by the Indian Institute of Management for candidates seeking admission in a graduate management program. It is a computer-based exam that comprises of multiple-choice questions. The motive of conducting this exam is to gauge a student’s performance and to see whether his/her aptitude matched the requirement of the course.

The exam comprises of three sections which are:

  1. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning which comprises of 32 questions
  2. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension which comprises of 34 questions
  3. Quantitative Ability which comprises of 34 questions

The total duration of the exam is 3 hours for solving a total of 100 questions. The time duration allotted for each individual section is 60 minutes.

The candidates will be allotted 3 marks for every correct answer. There is a negative marking of 1 mark for every wrong answer. In case the candidate does not attempt a question then there will be no negative marking.

Since it is one of the most important exams for a candidate seeking admission to the management program, it is essential for the candidates to prepare well for the exam.


All India Merchant Navy Test or AIMNET is the test conducted for the screening of the candidates for admission to Maritime Training and is the largest test of its kind in the nation. The aim of AIMNET is to provide state-of-the-art facilities and quality education in the Maritime sector.

In order to prepare well and pass the exam, it is essential for the candidates to find out the exam pattern and the marking scheme. The motive of this test is to measure a candidate’s cognitive skills required for entering the maritime sector.

The exam is conducted offline and has a duration of 1 hour. It is conducted only in the English language and comprises of multiple-choice questions.

It comprises of questions from the following sections:

  1. Mathematics
  2. General English
  3. General Science
  4. Reasoning
  5. General Knowledge

The total number of questions in the exam is 50, and there is no negative marking for the wrong answer given by the candidate.

5. SAT

Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT is conducted to analyze and measure a candidate’s mathematical and writing skills. It is an exam conducted for candidates aspiring to study abroad in some of the popular destinations like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and others. The exam is taken by candidates seeking admission to various graduate programs within the country and abroad.

The exam comprises of two compulsory and one optional section which is as follows:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Evidence-based reading and writing
  3. Essay writing is an optional section.

The Mathematics section comprises two subsections one where the calculator is allowed and the other where the calculator is not allowed. The duration of these sections is 25 minutes and 55 minutes, respectively.

The reading and writing section has a combined duration of 100 minutes.

For essay writing, the candidates are given a time duration of 50 minutes.


There are various other exams that have a psychometric section in them. Some exams explicitly mention about the psychometric test. However, others might not do so. In order to excel in an exam, it is important for the candidates to prepare well for the exam. The key to passing all such exams is thoroughly practicing and planning your preparation for the exam. Also, when you face a though section, remember not to panic. Stay calm and answer the questions to the best of your ability.