If you love travelling and can express your love with gorgeous strokes of the pen and tempting descriptions, then there’s nothing like freelance travel writing jobs. Blogging as a profession has already created a buzz in the internet world and travel writing is a pleasure. There are numbers of quality websites that accept freelance travel writing which pays off well.

Opportunities For Freelance Travel Writer

When I was exploring sites for writing my blog posts, I came up with lots of sites that eagerly accept guest writings on travelling experience. And I was impressed to see, that some of them are high paying sites. Wow, that’s great. I know many bloggers who have their own blogs on travel experiences, destination guidelines, travel tips etc. I would suggest them and even newbies try out such opportunities and make out some really good cash out of it.


Websites Offering Travel Writing Jobs

Here I am suggesting some good websites that accept freelance travel writing posts and if you are a freelance travel writer, you can cash on those opportunities.

1. Backpacker

Backpacker is one of the oldest travel magazines both in print and digital format. The site covers mostly hiking stories around the North American destinations. But quality writings on canoeing, kayaking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and other human-powered modes of travel can make a place on the website too. Occasionally, the site also accepts articles featuring destinations outside North America.


The site pays on accepting your articles after evaluation based on their guidelines. The rate is, in between $.40 to $1 per word, depending upon the complexity and demand of the article as well as the writer’s experience. The normal article length can be anything between 1500 words to 5000 words provided they are well written.

2. BootsnAll

BootsnAll is in the arena for about two decades. The site has a large collection of independent travel guide across the world. This is a place for the people who are passionate about independent travel to connect and to gather information about the destinations and trips from others along with sharing their own stories. They accept travel articles under the following categories: Featured Articles Program, Indie Travel Guides and Guest Posts.


Out of the categories only featured articles writing is a paid program. The site pays at a flat rate of $50 per article. The article length should be preferably in between 1000 to 1500 words and accompanied with 3-4 good photographs.

3. British Columbia Magazine

British Columbia Magazine showcasing the geographic diversity and tempting travel experiences in the print media since 1959, is equally vibrant in digital media too. The site covers visual story packages on parks, wilderness, wildlife, travel destinations, outdoor adventure, ecology, conservation, natural phenomena etc. The magazine works on freelance articles be it assigned feature articles or manuscript submitted on speculation.

British Columbia

The site accepts main feature stories that run between 1500 words to 2500 words. You can also submit shorter stories of 1000 to 1500 words in length. The Company pays a flat rate of 50 cents per word on acceptance of the story. In the case of complex research assignments or those involving extra expenses, higher rates may be offered, set beforehand.


4. Escapees Magazine

Escapees Magazine covers the stories on the RV (Recreational Vehicle) lifestyle. Although the RV concept is very popular in North America, the other parts of the world are quite unfamiliar with the thing. RV is a motor vehicle or trailer equipped with living space and amenities found in a home. Well, this is not a very common travelling experience, but sites like Escapees is capitalising the whole plot. They provide lots of services to the RVers like mail receiving agent, travel guide, finding reputable RV services, locating places to park etc.


The site accepts articles featuring RV stories and lifestyles, tips and other issues of interest to the frequent RVers. They accept two types of articles one, feature type of about 1500 words and two, short fillers of 100-500 words. The Company pays $100 to $200 for every feature article and $50 to $100 for short fillers.

5. GoNomads

GoNomads is a travelling site publishing inspirational travel stories and photos from destinations around the world. The site features versatile travel stories like destination trips, animal stories, cultures & traditions, museums, food, travel wear and gear etc. GoNomads seeks unique entertaining coverage about travel experiences or destinations. The freelance travel articles published on the sites run in between 800 to 2000 words.

Go Nomads

Along with the factual information in the article, the Site demands creativity in writing. Writings with good quality photograph (with captions) are the preferred choice for the Site. They offer $25 for each quality article published on their Site. GoNomads purchases worldwide electronic rights for your articles.

6. Go World Travel

Go World Travel is a top-level digital magazine covering travel stories across the world. The Site’s reader base is spread over 90 countries of the world. The site publishes articles as well as videos on travelling created by their editorial team and their widespread freelance writers. The Company emphasises on the stories on the first-person experience and works with writers who know the region they cover.

Go World Travel

Go World Travel pays a remuneration of $30 to $40 for every freelance story. The articles normally run up to 1600 words. The articles should be professionally written and should preferably be accompanied by photos of the destination.

Skills Required

If you are planning to start your freelance career as a travel writer, these websites can be good opportunities to try out. As a beginner, it’s better you read maximum articles on the subject, to grasp the travel writing style and flair. Every website has its specific needs. So, read their guidelines as well as their articles to make yourself accustomed to their class.


As a freelance travel writer, you should make your writings inspirational and equally visually appealing. Travel writers often make things interesting citing minute details of the expeditions in their writings. But remember, such an over usage may soak up the juice out of it. Soon a reader may your works uninteresting and monotonous. Every travel magazine/site expects a balance between detailing and the joy of reading from its writers.


It’s pure storytelling beyond literature. Freelance travel writer as a class needs to adhere to the blogging principles maintaining the joy of reading. The sites cited above are already established in the field and are seasoned with readers’ experienced. They have earned reputations out of their quality articles and hence offering freelance travel writing jobs they would expect the same standard from the writers too.