Advertise With Us is a community of forward-thinking enthusiasts who believe that social and economic upliftment throughout the creeds of our community is a must for the overall development of our nation, our world. We believe in sharing ideas and stories from all the corners of life that instigate ourselves for a better living, thus narrowing the disparities of income and status.

Our site-cum-blog aims to promote educating people about Technology, Economics, Finance and to solve financial management problems faced by the people. We also aim to bring certain topics into the limelight which are usually not covered by mainstream Techno-economic websites. We write how-tos, tutorials, product reviews, topics on interesting trends, intellectual editorial content, topics about our community activities and highlights of interesting but less visible stuff on the internet that deserve a mention.

We are a community that engages in our activities as our passion or hobby. However, like all communities, the cost to maintain ourselves is not insignificant. Our hosting and editorial team costs a considerable amount of money and human resources to maintain. Your decision to advertise with us will sustain Bihog into the future by contributing towards hosting costs and other investments.

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 Advertising Options

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We also provide custom ad slots on request.

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Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are another great way to advertise your product in the form of an article. You send us your write-up on any topic of your liking that is consistent with our niche, which can contain direct or indirect promotional references or backlinks to your product or service and we publish it as a guest contributed article. You gain exposure to thousands of daily readers,  a high authority backlink from our site,  increased visibility and better search engine rankings, an overall increased engagement from our community members and improved brand visibility and reputation.

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Sponsored reviews

We love to write reviews, and we’ll be more than happy to do a comprehensive, honest and factually accurate review of your product or service. We’ll tell our readers why your product is useful, all of its aspects/features and how it stands out of other similar products in the market. If you feel that your product/service is not getting the attention it deserves, we will try our best to help it gain exposure in return for a contribution in cash or kind.

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Long-term partnerships

Bihog welcomes long-term partnerships with advertisers, sponsors, and people who can help us keep our network and community activities running. Long-term partner members will be a part of our core team and will be featured across our entire network. Moreover, partners will receive greater priority for requests made by them and the resolution of conflicting decisions will be more in their favour.

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