Do Freelancers Need A Website? 7 Reasons Why You Must Have One

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Advantages of having a website for a freelancer (Feature)

Are there any advantages of having a website for a freelancer? Find out 7 super benefits of having a website if you are a freelancer or anyway associated with a freelance business.

7 Super advantages of having a website for a freelancer

Contrary to popular belief, freelance can be a real business and require a lot of time and effort if you are serious about creating a steady stream of good income consistently.

Working remotely does not necessarily mean it’s all chill and you work very little to earn tons of money. And if you are thinking like this, you must be crazy!!

Be it blogging, video creation, content writing, graphic designing or any other online business, everything requires a lot of time, energy, and consistent effort.

You need to build your reputation, have a portfolio, and a strong client base to flaunt in order to stay ahead in the game.

Citing the lucrative benefits, every third person today is quitting their job and opting for a freelance life. Hence, the competition here is super high.

So, you need to be an expert in your domain, doing quality work for your clients so as to sustain.

Having a website can help you get an extra edge and little brownie points over people who do not own a web address. It can be your go-to place, a thing to fall back upon if nothing else works.

The advantages and possibilities are immense !!

Here, I have listed a few for your consideration. It may also give you a fair idea of how you can make better use of your website and gain a lot more out of it.

1. Website Helps You To Create An Identity:

In this digital age, having a website for a freelancer is a must. It is like your digital identity and it is where people will go to if they want to look up your work.

Having social media accounts is one thing but, owning a website is like having an identity and it looks a lot more professional giving an impression to your clients that you mean business.

Also, it looks great on your visiting card as well !!

2. Having Your Own Web Address:

Today, there is hardly anyone who will ask for your residential address, but people would want to know your web address for sure, especially when you are a freelancer.

It is not only professional but also a very legit way of stating that you are very serious about your work and have strategies in place.

Now, when I say having a website, it means reflecting your personality in it. You do not want to have a plain, static website which will bore your visitors and drive them away.

You need to be creative and portray your best self on your personal website.

3. Building Your Own Brand:

This may be third on the list but it is the most important advantage of owning a website being a freelancer.

Somewhere down the line, you have to know how to build your own brand and create things accordingly.

Do not worry if you have no such plan right now but, in the long run, you will surely become a brand and have face value if you continue your consistent practice in your chosen niche.

There are so many such examples of Indian and overseas entrepreneurs who made it big online:

  • Harsh Agarwal from ShoutMeLoud,
  • Deepak from Digital Deepak,
  • Marie Forleo from,
  • Ramit Sethi from I Will Teach You To Be Rich,
  • Neil Patel from (My favorite)

and many others had just started with one website initially and reached great heights.

Think about it !!

4. Getting A Bigger Exposure:

Having a website means having an online presence, which is very necessary for your freelance business.

Also, it is indeed a great way to build your portfolio and feature your work. Your website can make your clients understand your work and style so much better.

You can blog, feature your writings, designs and use your website to showcase your profile online.

5. Helps In Building Trust:

It is easier to build trust and create your credibility if you have a website to support you, especially if you are a freelancer.

You may get clients from across the country and even abroad. Your website will not just provide you exposure but also build trust amongst your visitors, customers, and clients.

Also, it helps a lot when it comes to networking with new people and strong players in your niche.

Remember !! A good reputation amongst the peers and in the market is super important if you are anyway associated with the freelance industry.

6. Fetches You New Clients & Helps In Income Generation:

Needless to say, your website can fetch you, new clients, thanks to the exposure it will bring to your work.

You can generate a side income by putting up blogs, doing sponsored posts, creating affiliates and so on.

Along with having an online presence, a website also helps you generate a good amount of freelance income.

7. Helps You To Build Your portfolio:

As a freelancer, if you own a website, you can always use it to build your portfolio and feature all your work on it.

Again, you may say, “we can also do this offline” but it is a lot more convenient to host a website than to have a physical portfolio.

If you are a graphic designer, all your work can be easily put up on a beautiful website for your clients to drool over.

It will be your little corner on the web, where you have the freedom to create yourself.


What? Convinced Already? Great then!!

 Now, without wasting any more time, book your domain name, buy a good web hosting and get going.

Be creative, experiment and most importantly be the best that you can be. Happy Freelancing !! You own it all!

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