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Action Plan To Head Start Your Career As A Freelance Sports Writer

By Deep Sikder
Last updated on 18th Mar 2018

Being a sports writer is full of fun as well as remunerative. Primarily it’s the sports writer or journalist that maintains a string of connection between the fans, the sportsters and the game. Although live telecast on TV has already broadened the fan base, in-depth analysis of the game still thrills their fans. And from a career perspective, freelance sports writing jobs or sports journalism jobs have greater prospects than other sectors.

Exploring Opportunities as a Sports Writer

Earlier a general perception about sportswriters is that they were confined to newspapers and at sports magazines. But with the rapid internetalisation, the scope of work in the sports arena has drastically changed. Along with TV and newspaper, digital platforms like websites and apps have grown their dedicated viewership in sports.

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Besides the traditional media houses like newspapers, magazines and TV channels, sports blogs, digital magazines, team websites have created numerous opportunities in the sports media jobs. You will be pleased to know that a good chunk of bloggers are exclusively covering sports talk in their own blogs, still left ample space to grow.

Scope of Sports Journalism Jobs

With the advent of the internet, sports journalism jobs or sports media jobs have taken multiple courses apart from newspapers and TV reporting. Some of the sportswriter jobs that you can go for are:

  • Sports writer for print media like newspaper, magazine etc.
  • Sports writer for online media like blogs, websites, online magazines etc.
  • Sports writer for TV broadcasts
  • Media representative for a team
  • Sports information centre specialists etc.

Well, the job responsibility in most of the cases where the employer-employee relationship exists is pre-determined terms and conditions and/or slightly changes on a project to project basis. But as a freelance sports writer or sports blogger, you can enjoy a whole new world crafted with your endeavour and creativity.

Freelance Sports Writing Jobs

Those who want to be in the traditional sportswriter jobs for various media houses can explore the well-known job sites to shape up their career. So, rather than discussing on that part, I would focus on freelance sports writing jobs.

Freelance as a career gives you both challenge and exposure in a variety of fields, that would have been otherwise missing. For sports writing, it’s just a special genre. The first and foremost thing to be a sports journalist, you ought to have a passion for sports. Until and unless you love sports from the core of your heart you cannot write a single word. Before discussing that part, I would mention some of the top websites that offer you freelance sports writing jobs.


Upwork is one of the popular and most reliable job sources among the freelancer fraternity. They provide high-quality freelance opportunity across the globe.


Those who are in the freelancing field for significant time would certainly believe how worthy PeroplePerHour is for offering freelancing jobs. The site offers hundreds of freelancing jobs in various sports writing projects.


Freelancer is a reliable site offering earning opportunities in multiple freelancing disciplines. As the site visitors are spread across a large geographical area, you would have some lucrative opportunity in freelance sports writing jobs.

Some of the other sites that give you freelance sports writing opportunities are ZipRecruiter, Work In Sports, SportsJournalists. In addition to that, if you are serious about building your career as a sports writer, creating a LinkedIn profile often takes you high.

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Skills Required To Be A Sports Writer

There are hundreds of content writing jobs that you can slip into, but sports writing require more involvement in the subject and an intimate connection between the game, its players and the fan base. Please read my another article on essential blog writing tips to attract visitors.

Here I would like to cite some of the essential skills required for sports writing, developing which will certainly place you in a better position as a sports writer.

1. Sports as a Business

Prior to entering the sports arena as a writer, it’s important that you understand things from the business perspective. Just like any other business, sports also works in the same manner for revenue generation and profitability. As a sports writer, you have to understand the market sentiments and common anticipations by the public. Like any other businesses, sports seasons too, demand high performances from their writers. As a sports writer, you should concentrate more on expanding your subscription base, to build up a group of loyal readers.

2. Industry Knowledge

To be successful in any business or profession, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the industry you are engaged in. Sports as an industry have numerous branches and twigs in comparison to other industry. So, as a sports writer confining within a specific niche is way better than covering multiple genres of sports. As people wish to have expert views from their writers especially in sports, in-depth knowledge would certainly reward you enhanced readership.

3. Ability to Connect with The Fans

This is a unique feature in comparison to the other content writing jobs. Without a fan base, no sports and no sportsman can flourish. It is the sportswriter who can nurture a normal audience to a die-hard fan. As a writer, you should know what the fans are expecting out of you. Try to mitigate their queries at the earliest, so that you stay connected with the fans. Fans help in marketing your content giving you a larger exposure than your imagination.

4. Detailed Analysis

The success of a sports writer lies in expressing details analysis of the subject. As I have told you earlier that you need in-depth knowledge of the sports you deal in for making your writings full of analysis easily understandable by the common readers. It’s often noticed among the sports journalists that they rely more on gossips and speculating theories rather than real facts. In most of the cases, they proved out to be short-runners in the sports industry. So, before jumping to the conclusion, do your own research and present factually correct data to the readers.

5. Engaging Readers

Creativity counts especially if you are in the business of content writing. Creative writings keep your readers engaged and compel them to be returning visitors. When a reader finds a topic interesting, it’s human psychology that he searches for more blogs and articles untill he finds an appropriate conclusion. People enjoy debates sparked by the situations and want to hear the opinions of the writers. In such situations, as a writer, you should hold the position that is factually correct and show some creativity in presenting your opinion especially when your readers largely expect another way.


Behind any freelancing career, there lies untiring patience and steady hard work. Your initial days may not greet you the best way you deserve for, but sustainability will surely pay you the prize.

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