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9 Smart Study Tips For Arunachal Pradesh Judicial Service Grade III Exam

By Barnali Barman
Last updated on 30th Oct 2021

The Arunachal Pradesh Judicial Service Grade III exam is conducted by the Gauhati High Court to recruit eligible candidates for the posts of Judicial Magistrate or Civil Judge in the subordinate courts across the state. It is one of the most coveted exams in the state. Those who qualify for the exam are able to become part of the judiciary which is considered as the third pillar of the governance.

Like the civil service exam, to get a successful result in the judicial service exam one is required to put a lot of effort while preparing for the exam.

Important Study Tips

Besides law papers, there are also English and General Knowledge sections in the Arunachal Pradesh Judicial Service Grade III exam. To get a hold of each subject, you need to study smartly.

1. Know the Exam

To get a good idea about the exam, you need to be familiar with the exam very well. You should go through the previous years question paper to know the pattern of the exam.

Thereafter, you should collect the syllabus of the exam. Without knowing the syllabus you can not prepare for an exam.

2. Important Section

Many students make a mistake by trying to remember each and every section which is next to impossible. Therefore try to remember only those sections which have the probability to be asked in the exam.

When you repeat the important sections, you will be able to retain them in a better way. Otherwise, if you endeavour to retain all the sections you will get confused and will forget even the important sections.

3. Adopt Practical Approach

When you study the law papers, don’t just focus on cramming the information. The more you will be able to read them and remember them theoretically, the more there will be a possibility that you will forget them easily.

Instead, try to study them taking real-life examples. Then you understand them easily and will never forget them. If you are unable to find the real example you can make a story to understand the topic.


4. Develop Interest

Nowadays, there are many youtube channels that are created by many law instructors. By watching these videos you can develop an interest in any subject.

It is very important to develop your interest in the topics before starting to read the law books. There is a good way to develop your interest by watching the videos where the instructors explain making the topics interesting.

5. Make Notes

Notes help to revise before the exam. It is not necessary to explain every detail while making notes. You should make a note in such a way so that it becomes easily comprehensible.

Try to use pens of different colours and markers while making notes. Keeping your lines and paragraph short will help you do quick revisions before the exam.

6. Keep Revising

Revision plays an important role while preparing for a competitive exam. The more you revise a topic the more you will be well versed with it.

Revision helps you to retain the information you have studied earlier. Once your concept is clear, you should start revising the topic.

7. Read Judgment

Try to keep update yourself with the latest judgment. By updating yourself with the new judgment you will be able to include this judgment while writing the answer. It will increase your chance to score good marks on the descriptive paper.

To keep updating yourself with the latest judgment, you should follow such youtube channels, websites or install some apps of LivLaw, Bar and Bench etc.


8. Read News Paper

Besides law papers, you should also prepare for General knowledge and English paper. Therefore, you should read a newspaper daily to keep update yourself with the important news.

By reading the newspaper, you will be able to improve your vocabulary which will be an added advantage in attempting the questions of the English section.

9. Practise Writing the Answer

When you complete the syllabus and clear your concept, you should start to practise writing the answer. When you keep practising writing the answer at home, you will be able to write the answer at the examination hall without getting stuck.

Moreover, by practising writing the answer at home you will be able to write the answer in a faster way at the examination hall which will help you to save time during the exam and you will be able to manage your time.


As the Arunachal Pradesh Judicial Service exam is one of the most coveted exams in the entire state, you will have to prepare very well to get a successful result in this exam. Hope the above-mentioned study tips will be able to help you to prepare for the exam.

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