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11 Preparation Strategies for Himachal Pradesh TET

By Barnali Barman
Last updated on 30th Oct 2021

Teacher Eligibility Test is conducted by the state government to recruit eligible candidates for the post of lower primary and upper primary teachers in the respective state. It is the minimum qualification required in India to become a teacher from Class I to VIII.

Himachal Pradesh TET is conducted by the Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education to recruit eligible candidates in the primary and lower primary schools across the state.

Preparation Tips

To start your preparation for Himachal Pradesh TET, you may follow the tips mentioned below:

1. Know the Syllabus

You should be familiar with the syllabus to start preparing for any exam. On the basis of the syllabus, you can get an idea about the exam.

When you understand the syllabus you will be able to understand the exam. Moreover, the syllabus also helps you to manage your time and to meet the deadline.

2. Know the Exam Pattern

You should know the exam pattern so that you can prepare accordingly. Try to find out marks distribution, minimum qualifying marks etc.

When you know about the exam pattern, you will be able to make an effective study plan. To know about the exam pattern, you can go through the previous years question paper.

3. Prepare Notes

Preparing notes will reduce stress before the exam. Notes help you to revise the topics quickly. Your notes should be well organised and made in an easy and comprehensible manner.

Study reveals that when we write something we are able to remember them better. Therefore, by making notes you will be able to remember the topics better. It will also save a lot of your time.


4. Keep Revising

Keep revising the topics you have studied earlier. The revision will help you to retain the information better. Therefore besides studying new topics you should continue the revision.

You may write the topics on paper and stick them on the wall or in an easily noticeable place. When you notice these topics you will be able to remember them easily.

5. Study Regularly

You should study regularly. By studying regularly you can complete the syllabus much ahead of the exam and will get time to revise the topics. Regular study will help you to stay organised and maintain a connection with the exam. Moreover, you will be able to prepare for the exam being stress-free.

6. Consistent Time and Space

Try to set a fixed time and place for your study. It will help you to be consistent with your study and maintain a proper schedule.

It will also help you to build a habit of study. When you sit to study at a fixed place at a fixed time, your brain will be familiar with the environment. Thus you won’t feel trouble concentrating on your study.

7. Reach the Venue Early

Try to reach the examination venue at least one hour before the commencement of the exam. Since the candidates have to go through some formalities before the exam begins,  arriving at the venue make it easy for them to adjust to the environment of the examination.

When you reach the venue, have your seat take a deep breath being silent. It will make you feel relaxed.


8. Attempt the Easy Questions First

Try to attempt the easy questions first and leave the doubtful questions to the last. When you attempt the easy questions first, you will be able to think positive and gain confidence. Thus you will be stress-free and answer the questions comfortably.

9. Be Calm During the Exam

Try to stay calm during the exam. By being calm you are able to think properly and take the right decision. If you are calm you won’t feel nervous which will take you closer to success.

When you stay calm, you won’t get confused. Many candidates fail in the exam, not because they don’t know the answer but they give the wrong answer by being confused.

10. Don’t Be Hasty

Don’t be too quick while answering a question. Even though you are sure of an answer, you may make mistakes if you attempt to answer the question hastily. Therefore, take a reasonable time before answering the question.

When you take a hasty decision, there will be a chance that most of the time you make the wrong decision.

11. Avoid Distractions

Try to avoid any kind of distractions including social media from your life. These distractions also include the people that keep on disturbing you by calling or coming to meet you.

Whenever you feel that any kind of distraction is holding you back, you should keep yourself away from these.


To clear any exam successfully, you need hard work, dedication and a sincere preparation strategy.

It won’t be difficult for you to clear the Himachal Pradesh TET successfully if you follow the above-mentioned tips. I Hope, the above-mentioned preparation tips will show you the right direction.

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