Nowadays people are more interested in doing home based jobs rather than serving 10 to 5 jobs. And website testing jobs from home is a worthy option to try for. Doing web page test, website usability testing and user interface design testing are very part of the job.

Sites That Offer Website Testing Jobs From Home

Website testing jobs from home are recently drawing attention especially among the youngsters who are keen to have an extra income. The sites mentioned below are good not only in providing freelance jobs to web page test but hold reputation in payouts too (not personally tested). A recent trend shows that people are more interested in doing micro jobs rather blocking for a conventional stereotype jobs.

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Normally it takes around 10-15 minutes to do a web page test. On an average, you can make around $10 per 20-30 minutes recording session, which may vary from job to job. Some basic video recording tools and command over communication language are sufficient for website usability testing and user interface design testing. Here are some very popular sites that offer you website testing jobs from home.


UserTesting is the most popular and authentic site that offer freelancers web page testing jobs. They offer basically user interface design testing jobs for websites and mobile applications. UserTesting basically provides some tasks to the testers that guide them to form critical review of the testing site or application.


The application process to join UserTesting as a tester is simple. After registering with them you will be given some sample tasks to complete. While registering provide the details about yourself including demographic location. Once your application is accepted you will be able to do testing for other sites and mobile applications. UserTesting pays you around $10 for a 20 min video through PayPal.

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UserFeel offers remote website usability testing. When you register there as a tester, you will be assigned with certain task under a given scenario. For example, if you are testing an e-commerce site, you will be asked to find a given product, the check out process, etc. As a tester, you have to find out the problems in the user interface design, missed by the site owners.

UserFeel provide website testing jobs in multiple languages, i.e. a tester can submit the review in his/her native language or the language he/she is at home in. To become a tester, you need to register there and take a qualification test. Qualification test is the initial test each new tester has to pass through in order to verify the usability of microphone and expression of thoughts. After that, a tester will get a rating. UserFeel pays $10 per test.

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This is another excellent website that gives you the website testing jobs from home. WhatUsersDo offers you freelance testing jobs in terms of website usability testing, user interface design testing for mobile applications etc. To become a tester at WhatUsersDo is pretty simple. Sign up as a tester on their site, download screen recorder and take a practice test, that’s it. On approval, become a member of the site’s tester panel.

WhatUsersDo sends you intimation through email whenever a test is available. Normally, the site pays  $5-$10 for each 15-20 minutes test. The company pays via PayPal on the 25th of each month.


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Testing Time

Testing Time is another site provides website testing jobs, but a bit different from the above. They offer both remote testing and on-site testing plans to their clients. An aspiring tester has to register himself on the site mentioning a few word on the profile page. Website testing jobs here are intimated to a tester through email when he matches the client’s criterion. Jobs are offered on first-come, first-serve basis.

If you take up remote testing jobs, all you need is Skype installed on your computer (not on tablet or smartphone), a good internet connection, a microphone and if possible a webcam. You can have the opportunity to test once or twice a week. Most of the test session runs for 30-90 minutes. A tester may get up to 50 Euros depending upon the length of the session and will be paid immediately after the completion.

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Enroll is a site that truly serves our purpose i.e. doing website testing jobs from home. As claimed by the site, you can perform website usability testing jobs from any place with any internet enabled device.

The site gives you the opportunity to test brand new websites and mobile applications. The company has not disclosed the testing fees on their site.

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UserTest is a website review site (don’t confuse with UserTesting) that claims to pay you within 2 days of the completion of the review. The tester registration process is simple. You can sign up by simply putting your email address.

UserTest allows a tester to review websites by expressing their thoughts and opinions about the website, showing likes and dislikes, suggest improvements and discuss any difficulties faced while browsing. To start a review, you have to download a screen recorder and kick off with your sample review. During the review, you have to complete a series of activities. After you submit the review the site will intimate you within 14 days whether you are eligible or not. The site pays $10 for each review.

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TryMyUI provides us the opportunities to become a freelance tester. Testers can take up website usability testing featuring videos of the testing site along with voice narration to use the site. Testing also includes written responses to the usability.

There is no limit on the number of tests you can do, but cannot be taken as full-time jobs too. To be a certified tester of the site you must have to go through an eligibility test. TryMyUI pays $10 for each test you conduct.


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UTest is an established site in the field of website testing. This is the website usability testing site of the renowned Applause Network (which runs Testhub). You can join the U test community either as a full user or light user.

Since the Company restricts the testers in disclosing the testing fee, I can’t share the same with you. The site has framed certain restrictions and ethics violating which may throw you out of the community. Since the site has a large corporate backing, the availability of freelance testing jobs and reasonable payouts are well assured.


These website testing jobs from home have opened up new avenues for those who want to have an extra income staying at home. Conducting web page test or website usability testing are not that simple as you see. You need concentration and an ability to judge the human psychology while browsing a website.