7 Ways To Boost Morale Of The Employees Down By Appraisal Disappointment

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Performance appraisal or performance rating is a common phenomenon in corporate culture. It is a method by which the job performance of an employee is documented and evaluated. Performance appraisal is part of the HR policy to instigate employees to perform better day by day.

The better the performance, the better the employee would be paid off. But in a real world, the pictures are quite different. The salary revisions or appraisals may fall short of the employees’ expectations, which may have a detrimental impact on the productivity as well as the morale of the employee. It’s extremely important for the senior managers to keep the employees on the track. Here’s how?

1. Healthy Communication:

When morale of the employees hit the bottom of their confidence, it’s utterly important to have a healthy conversation between the managers and their subordinates. Juniors should open heartedly speak up their problems and introspect the loopholes in their performances. It not only helps in finding out the roads to success, it restores the lost confidence among the employees.

2. Money Matters:

It’s crucial that the teammates don’t lose heart over a disappointing appraisal. The team leader should take care of the emotions of his team and try to boost their performance in other alternative remunerative ways. For example announcing spot rewards, variable pay, performance bonus etc. Sponsorships of employees for their career development also play as stimuli to work more aggressively.

3. Appreciate:

Do not always downplay the efforts of the employees. It may turn out to be a boomerang. Especially when there are poor increments, employees are bound to feel low but expect some consolation from their superiors. Higher executives should show their generosity in appreciating their subordinates even if on small achievements. It keeps their enthusiasm on track and instigates them to do better in the future. It is to be born in mind that appreciation doesn’t cost anything but results greatly.

4. Tailor-made:

There cannot be any blanket rule for everyone. The management should take an approach customised for each and every employee of the Company so that nobody feels left out. A policy of inclusiveness makes the organisation works like one having extreme co-ordination and co-operation among the employees. The managers should take special care of the needs of the employees individually what motivates them most and work accordingly.

5. Tide Over Tough Times:

Every Company passes through a phase of challenges and threats and that ultimately reflects in performance. Managers should take into consideration those factors while evaluating the performance of the employees and recognise their contribution to the Company. This keeps the employees tight and intact as an organisation motivates them for a better performance in the future.

6. Show Trust:

When the attitude of the teammates hits the bottom of their confidence because of disappointing appraisal, the leader should come out to propel them towards a safe shore. Trust and faith in the employees work best to restore their confidence. True motivation among the employees to work better comes from trust showed by the management. This gives them the confidence and enthusiasm to work better.

7. Radiate Positivity:

A feeling of positivity is vital for achieving goals. It’s the responsibility of the managers to pump fresh energy among the employees whose morale are down by a disappointing appraisal. At this time negativity tries to grasp the attitude of the workforce, which is detrimental both to the company and its employees. A sense of positivity works as stimuli to go for better performance.


The methods are time-tested and work great in a grim corporate situation. It’s true that practical situations may not be as identical as theory suggests, but these are the basic rules, the managers should follow to overcome a situation of appraisal disappointment among the employees. There is no doubt that these techniques in its original or with solicited modifications never fails.

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Deep Sikder

Deep Sikder

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