7 Tips to Save Money

It’s the most sorted topic people ask over the internet. There are lots of advice, blogs, conversations etc. on this issue. In fact, it’s a classic problem in highly affluent societies and countries, because at the end of the day people hound for the solution, how to save money, no matter which income group he/she falls in.

Well, it’s worth mentioning that this blog is not for them at all who thinks they are elite and saving money is a far-flung matter for them. You will be wondered to know that the very first solution advised in this case is to prepare a budget, which is hardly followed. Here you will find some practically oriented tips that can really help you from drilling hole in your pocket.

1. Go Home:

7 Tips to Save Money 2Try to avoid eating out at restaurants, bars, and other food joints and go home. Make your dishes, your drinks and enjoy with your family. As the restaurant foods are quite costly, this way you can really save a lot. In addition, you would develop a good habit of making foods at home, which is healthier too.

2. Share your ride:

7 Tips to Save Money 3If it’s possible and no such emergency arises, it’s better to avoid your personal car for your day to day works. It not only saves your money in the form of fuel but saves you from the nuisance of parking too. As an alternative, you can use your bikes or scooters, share-taxis, pool-cars, public transports like metro, bus and so on.

3. Do at home:

7 Tips to Save Money 4Nowadays we are becoming over-dependent on others even for accomplishing common household works. Try to do things that are within your reach and within your potentiality. For example, avoid laundry services and wash and iron your clothes yourself; try to paint small jobs at your house. These things may sound very small but they save a lot and at the same time, it raises self-sufficiency level in you.

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4. Choose a plan:

7 Tips to Save Money 5You use various utility services for your daily living. Services like mobile and internet, DTH or Cable Tv services are part and parcel of your life. They comprise a good amount of expense in your monthly budget. So, you should choose your service plans in such a way that gives you the best at the lowest.

5. Unsubscribe from mailing lists:

7 Tips to Save Money 6While browsing the internet, in some way or other, we often subscribe to many mailing lists. Unsubscribe from all the online shopping websites mailing lists; don’t mark products in the wish lists etc. Generally, these websites keep on emailing you in every rhyme and reason of your life and that’s the most luring thing you have to resist.

6. Don’t use the credit card:

7 Tips to Save Money 7Whenever you go for shopping try to avoid using credit cards to the extent it is possible. It has two reasons, one normally you don’t have control over your spending and secondly, credit card bills are nothing but a headache. You will often find the credit card companies offer lucrative schemes and discount vouchers on shopping- resist yourself from such shopping enticement.

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7. Stop going to malls:

7 Tips to Save Money 8It’s a very common culture nowadays to go for a family outing on weekends to malls and shopping arched. Maybe sometimes you go for window shopping, but there are ample chances you get fascinated with the products and discounts and end up buying things that are not even of your requirements. So, instead, you should go to parks, libraries or any other places of your interest.


Applying these tips in your day-to-day life at the very initial stages may prove to be very challenging, but believe it, these things work best. The list is not exhaustive; there is always a scope for applying new or modified ways to save more. Remember, a small effort today would definitely reap you bigger fruits for future.

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