When you are in college, you cannot afford to go for full-time jobs. But when expenses spike up you cannot stay back too. That’s where these part-time jobs for students to earn extra money are meant for.

5 Worthy Part Time Jobs For Students To Earn Extra Money

When I was in college, I never thought of earning money, simultaneously pursuing my studies. Our (me and my friends) thoughts roved over everything from merrymaking to watching movies, but not earning money. But today, I think it would have been better if I had gone for some extra earnings alongside studying in college. Now, I feel, this extra earning had not only an effect on my pocket but would have a fair chance to sharpen my earning skills at a very young age.

It’s also true that those were the days when there was no social media, slow internet connectivity and many other drawbacks that hindered us from getting exposures. Now, the scenario has drastically changed and the interaction among the people has reached a new high. New avenues and start-ups are flourishing at a fair pace to offer part-time jobs.

How To Make Money As Students?

In this blog, I will be sharing some freelancing jobs for students which can be carried on alongside studies and earn extra money.

1. Writing Jobs For Students

Let me start with the writing profession. There were times when writers meant to be writing books and novels, or at best writing in journals and magazines. But now the definition has changed. Digitalisation has contributed a lot in changing the roles of the writers.

Now they have not confined themselves to be a book or story writers, but a lot more. Starting from website content writers to bloggers, product reviewers to resume writers- the writing profession has got a whole new dimension. Freelance writings are good part-time jobs for students.



To become a good writer, you must have a passion for writings. Basically, a writer needs to have a good command over language and grammar. A command over vocabulary attracts special opportunities to earn extra money.

Blog writing requires some extra effort, but have a lucrative career ahead. Creativity is always appreciated and grows up with writing experiences. The more you write, the more you learn and the more you earn extra money.

Sources to get work

If you are passionate about writings and want to carry your career in that field, you can have some really good opportunities at your hand. There are a number of sites that give you freelancing writing jobs. Websites like iWriter, EssayShark are good at providing freelancing writing tasks. They even allow you to choose a project according to your convenience. Important thing is to fulfill your tasks within time. They carry ratings from their clients, so good ratings mean better job opportunities and better payouts.

2. Photography To Earn Extra Money

If you have a basic sense of framing and light, freelancing photography can be a good part-time jobs opportunity for you. If you are a student and feels about earning some extra bucks, photography profession as your part-time earning source can be a good choice.

With the advancement of internet communication, freelancing photography jobs has reached a new high. Lots of image stocking sites, social media are constantly giving exposures to freelance photographers.

Social sites like Instagram has given opportunities to both professionals and amateurs to showcase their creativity to a larger community, which can have a great commercial utility in the future. An Instagram account with good followers base has strong possibilities of getting sponsored posts, which may even run into thousands of dollars.



To carry on your photography profession you should have a creative sense of framing and light reflections and obviously a good camera (preferably SLR camera). But if you have a fund crunch, you can even work with your smartphone camera too. There are some accessories and apps that can turn your phone camera into a professional camera. Basic photo editing skill will be beneficial for you to carry on the profession.

Sources to get work

Though social media like Instagram may turn out to be a good commercial platform, there are some professional sites that deal in photographs where you can earn extra money. Websites like PhotoShelter, Shutterstock, 500px etc. are truly commercial in their works and pays a good remuneration to its contributors.

3. WordPress Website Designing

If someone asks me what will you suggest as part-time jobs for students, my answer would be WordPress website designing. Youngsters nowadays wonder about websites and their designs. In fact, I myself was curious to know the ins and outs of website designs and their technologies.

I studied a couple of books in this regard and watched a number of videos to learn about website designing. I find there are various technologies and software to make a website. They have different utilities and functions depending on the structure and interface of the website.

Some of the popular technologies used in building websites are HTML, CSS, PHP language, ASP.NET, Bootstrap, Jquery, MySQL etc. I personally find WordPress a very popular technology to build a static or dynamic site. They are easy to configure and has a large repository of themes and plug-ins.

Website Designing


Creativity and imagination play a vital role in shaping a website design. For basic website design, one may start with WordPress. It’s easy to learn and configure. The good thing about WordPress is that you can even build a high-end dynamic site with little efforts.

As WordPress offers both the front-end and back-end management, it is relatively easier for a novice to control things. Basic to intermediate level knowledge in PHP language and CSS designing would be an added advantage in your WordPress website designing.

Sources to get work

By building a WordPress site yourself, you can draw your own clients. In addition to that, you can get yourself registered at various freelancing jobs sites like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr etc. Also register yourself/your business at various social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin with a detailed bio. Joining multiple groups at Facebook offers some very good deals too.


4. Insurance Agency To Earn Extra Money

Doing an insurance agency seems offbeat for youngsters. In fact, many will discourage to choose such a profession. But believe me; it may turn out to be your highest earning source than all the others mentioned here.

Why I am saying so? Coz, I myself an insurance agent and reaped the benefits of having such an agency. Critics say it’s a tough marking job. Let me know what’s the profession where you can earn hefty amounts without hard work. Gambling? There’s nothing like easy money.

In the insurance profession, you have to work hard in your initial years. When you are a bit settled in the profession, your commission earnings from agency increases consistently due to renewal premium payment by the policyholders. Moreover, if you start doing insurance agency at the early stages of life say when you are the college student, the chances of developing a bigger network are much bright.

Insurance Agency


To become an insurance agent, you must have requisite educational qualification say passing out high school leaving examination or equivalent. Next, to obtain a license for doing an insurance agency, he/she have to go through compulsory training and pass the license granting test organised by the statutory authority. You can collect detailed information about the same from related insurance offices and their development officers.

Sources to get work

Insurance marketing is truly a creative job. You have to find out your selling market. Try to start doing business with your closed relatives, friend circles, and teachers. It would be much easier to invade such a circle. You can take both online and offline opportunities to sell insurance products. Maintaining a good rapport and staying active in social networks, will obviously help you in generating new businesses.

Tutor Jobs For Students

This is a noble profession one of the most effective part-time jobs for students to earn extra money. First, you have to analyse yourself about your knowledge, skill and passion about the subject. This analysis will help you deliver the best out of you as a tutor. You can start your tutorial home right at your native place. Or even you can do the same over online too.

The Internet has made things possible for us. There are a number of sites that give you the opportunity to start your tutorial profession. In fact, for a person who is pursuing higher studies, it’s become a bit easier to go for teaching. Moreover, doing home-based assignments for others is also a good earning opportunity to strive for. Both offline and online tutor jobs for students is remunerative as well as respectable.



To be a good tutor, both in an online and offline format, you must be articulate and have strong communication skills. To start your tutorial home you need comfortable sitting space as well as different furniture and fixtures and other outlay expenses. But in online tutoring, you don’t require any additional investment. A computer, a high-speed internet connection, and a web camera are the basic requirements to start your online tutor profession.

Sources to get work:

For offline tutoring advertisement in local newspapers, yellow pages, flyers, brochures are efficient sources for getting students. Having a polished website will surely augment your credibility and remuneration. But those who want to go online tutoring, there are many eligible sites to start with. Unacademy, Tutor.com are good examples of sites giving opportunities to the freelancers to work on their platform. The best thing about online tutoring is that they provide wide exposure to the freelancers and a handsome figure as well.


There are many more part-time jobs for students to earn money, but the important thing is to carry them with full dedication at par with studies. Starting earning in the early stages makes them mature and let them understand the true value of money.