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5 Modern Ways To Make Money: Get Paid To Work From Home

By Deep Sikder
Last updated on 14th Dec 2017

It’s a human ingenuity that drives them to do new things or doing the same old tasks in a new way. Experimenting new things is a natural human tendency, out of which new and modern ways of earning have emerged.

People these days dare to think beyond the four squares of their life. Youngsters now are more inclined towards freelancing jobs than traditional 9 to 5 desk jobs. This blog is meant for them who feel that their creativity and endeavour would place them on the table top and lead the life beyond the regulation jobs.

5 Modern Money Making Ideas

These modern means of money making are not only income-generating prospects but are relishing too for them who are passionate about their works. The best thing about these sources is that the doer is the master of his will, nobody creates a pressure. The harder you work the better your results would be. Let’s see what are those five money making ideas that can change your livelihood.

Website Testing:

This is a very modern concept. As the internet is progressing, the exposure of the work is going beyond our expectation. Every day thousands of websites are emerging. And the e-commerce has engulfed almost every aspect of our life. Corporate houses are sharpening their arsenals leaving no stone unturned to convert their prospects into customers.

In this electronic age, pinpointing your websites is critical to your success. The more convenient and error-free your website is the better your conversion rate would be. And a website tester does exactly the same things. They test websites and applications from a customer’s point of view and find out the loopholes present there and the areas where the improvisation is needed.

There are numbers of sites that offer freelancing website testing jobs. UserTesting, UserFeel etc. are good examples of such sites. Go to the list of website testing sites. Once you get registered with these sites, you will be asked to do sample videos of the sites, narrating your observations. Once you get approval you can take testing jobs at your convenience.

Home Chef:

This is another lucrative opportunity for you. If you are a homemaker or good at your culinary skills and cannot afford a hefty investment for a restaurant, then being a Home Chef is bliss for you. Though restaurant businesses nowadays left a very little room for competition, this field (Home Chef) has lots of unexplored earning opportunities.

People who are not fond of eating out at restaurants or feel less excitement in taking dinner at a hotel; prefer foods and ambiance served by the home chefs. Moreover, homely food often scores over spicy treats. So, if you are planning to explore opportunities as a home chef, it’s high time to get engaged.

The best thing about this profession is that a multiple of websites have jumped into the race, serving as home chef aggregator. So, you don’t have to worry about gathering customers, rather concentrate on improving foods and the eating experience. These websites also offer earning opportunities beyond serving foods, like, arranging outdoor parties or recipe classes for the customers on behalf of you etc.

Organic Cultivation

If you have an urge of earning money and have a cultivable land, then organic farming can really change your fate. Tradition cultivation processes which has much dependence on weather conditions have limited scope for growth. Moreover, the usage of chemicals and pesticides has depleted the money value of the produces.

Organic farming, on the other hand, opened up a new horizon for them who aspire to earn big from cultivation. The use of biological techniques and manure not only improves the intrinsic quality of the produce but enhances the commercial value too. In India, some of the states are doing extremely well in this regard. The state of Sikkim even transformed itself into a wholly organic state.

The market value of the organic produce is much more than doing normal farming. As people are more aware of their health hazards from chemicals and pesticides, they are more inclined towards organic foods. The future prospects of organic farming are much brighter than our imagination. So, it’s a right time for the interested people to cash on the prospects.

Transcription Jobs

The digitalisation has opened up multiple avenues to make money and Transcription jobs are one of them. Transcription is the process of converting an audio or video file into written documents. With the rapid internetalisation the opportunities transcription works have raised manifolds.

Online transcription jobs are recently drawing high popularity, especially among the youngsters, because they required least working experience. And there are a few good websites that offer you freelance transcription jobs instantly. Scribie is one of them. The sites providing transcription jobs at a good remuneration. The industry average is about $20/hour of transcription.

The utility of transcription works is evident in many sectors, and many new sectors are indulged into. Hence the opportunity for transcription jobs in the future is far more than we are doing today.

Online Homework

Have you heard of this? Yes, this is the latest trends in online jobs arena. Multiple jobs opportunities are waiting for the people who have knowledge of their subjects and have a passion for writing. This is not an isolated earning opportunity but can be taken as a regular livelihood.

Once you get registered with the sites providing online homework jobs, like, you will instantly land in a pool of assignments. In whatever subject you have the expertise, you have the opportunity to score. Every website has its own setup and different scope of works. But, they are largely connected with writing assignments for students, essay writing, online tutorial etc.

It is true most of the sites ask for your complete profile with a mention of academic qualification and experience, the opportunities extended by them are price worthy. They have an individual rating system suggested by the beneficiaries. So, the person who explains things better or satisfies the beneficiaries with quality answers obviously has a better chance to get more assignments as well as money.


The opportunities cited above are modern tryouts people are interested in. In fact, people are embracing these money making ideas proactively and with much galore. It’s worth mentioning that there are plenty of freelance job opportunities present now that have ample motivational power to dive into.

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