24HourAnswers Review: A Freelance Opportunity To Earn By Tutoring

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As the name suggests 24HourAnswers.com is a round-the-clock homework help service provider and online tutor with a large team of widespread freelancers. As the website targets college undergraduate and graduate level students from different disciplines, the student base is spread across the world. Hence I took out the time to review such a popular website for those who strive to build their career in online tutoring.

About the Website

Based in Newyork, 24HourAnswers.com is in the field since 2005 and offering two types of services to the student community. One, the homework service– it includes assignment help to the students asking for solutions of a given problem through online medium. Number two, online tutoring where students can get professional tutoring in a virtual classroom environment.

The work process within the site is pretty similar to that of other homework service provider. A student who wishes to receive assignment help will click the ‘Homework Help‘ button in the menu bar and landed on a page to type a question and/or submit related documents for which he is asking for help. In case of online tutoring when a student asks for the support, their tutors submit their quote based on the estimated length of the session and complexity of the topic that has to be taught.

In both the cases of homework help or online tutoring, the students are given a price upfront by their tutors and it is the student who decides to take the service. Most of the websites in this sector have the same customer service policy and are largely dependent on freelancers.

As 24HourAnswers.com provides support in a wide variety of subjects starting from anthropology to mathematics, from music to medicine, its customer base is exponentially high and widely scattered.

A unique feature of this site is the Homework Library where it stores homework problems and their solutions in a database format. A student can visit the database and choose the solution he/she striving for.

Earning Opportunity At 24HourAnswer.com

As a freelance writer, you can have multiple opportunities to work on like content writing, transcription service, travel writing, sports writing or even translation services. But homework service is a niche in itself, a true blend of writing skill and an ability to analyse.

The service area of 24HourAnswers.com is much wide and has shown a promising growth in recent years creating an opportunity for freelancers who wish to earn their livelihood through academics. It’s become a good opportunity for me to review such a site with an earning perspective.

Ease of Access (2/5)

Although the interface of the site is dull, the options are prominently visible. One who wishes to be a tutor must be registered on the site. For registration purpose, you go to the footer of the site and click the button ‘Become a Tutor’. You will be landed on a page which asks for your basic details like name, email ID and the username, you would like to show on the site. You also have the opportunity to register yourself to your social accounts like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

A primary condition to become a tutor at 24HourAnswers.com is that the candidate should at least hold a Master’s degree. Although it keeps the opportunities open for bachelors with exceptional results, the list of tutors in the site hardly shows anybody below Masters. In fact, a tutor with higher degrees has better opportunities to get tasks than his fellow tutors.

When submitting your profile details you have to mention the subjects you would like to work as well as the degrees or certified courses you completed along with the marks. For completing your profile details you have to substantiate your marks by submitting the scanned copy of your marksheet, certificate etc.

You will be appointed as a tutor once your profile has been verified by the site administrator. But it has been noticed that in most of the cases the site appoints tutor on a need basis. So, you shouldn’t be disheartened if you are not hired immediately after submitting your application.

Induction into the tutorial list of the site is much harder than other freelancing sites within the same niche. The selection process is a bit shady than other sites. It’s the prerogative of the management to choose the candidate, no one has any say over it. Hence I would give them a score of 3 out of 5 in the ease of access category.

Authenticity (4/5)

The site is operating since 2005 and has already garnered a fair amount of reputation in the homework market. Although personally, I couldn’t verify their authenticity, I found some positive reviews about the site among the communities. You can also check out some of the reviews here.

Being in the business for such a long time 24HourAnswers.com has built up its loyal customer base as well as a eligible list of quality tutors. There are instances, where some people are working as a freelancers for the site for a very long time and they are grossly satisfied leaving a very few matters of contention.

Remuneration & Payout (3/5)

As a freelancer you can earn two ways from the site. First, by answering queries of the students and being an online tutor; second, your previously solved questions are archived in a database which a student can buy from time to time. This would be a lucrative opportunity for a freelancer as they can earn twice or more from it. But the site is silent about the commission charged by it while remunerating the tutors. The standard industry rate is 20-25 percent of the remuneration received by the freelance tutors. 24HourAnswers.com usually pays their tutors through bank transfers, PayPal and Payoneer.

A primary advantage of enrolling at 24HourAnswer.com is that as the site appoints tutors on as-needed basis, the level of competition among the tutors for job is fairly less. As a result, enrolled freelancers would have much higher stake on student fees comparing to other sites. Citing all those factors they deserve a point of 3 out of 5 in terms of remuneration and payout.


The FAQ portion of the site is less informative and literally silent on commission charges and selection process of the tutors. The process of selection of tutors is largely manual rather than automated. So, the chances of an aspiring freelancer of getting an entry into the site is quite less as they appoint only on need-basis.

My suggestions to a freelancer in this regard is to drop your application with the site admin along with your marksheets and certificates and let 24HourAnswer.com approve as and when they feel so. Simultaneously, you should try for some other sites to earn money through homework jobs. That’s it.

Please share your experience in this regard and let the fraternity know things better.

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