Creative people have the ability to imagine and think by which they create something original. They don’t like to do what already exists. They are always eager to create something new by using their skill.  

If you are also looking for some creative jobs then this article may show the right direction as it includes some popular jobs for creative people.

Lucrative Jobs for Creative People

In this article, we are going to discuss 21 jobs for creative people which are not only interesting but also high paying.

1. Landscape Architects

Landscape Architects are involved in the work of designing gardens, parks, playgrounds and other outdoor spaces for various campuses. Besides, they are also involved in the work of site analysis, site planning, land planning etc. Landscape architects also analyze environmental reports on the condition of the land concerning drainage and energy usage.

Although Landscape architecture has been practised since much earlier very few people are in this profession.

To become a Landscape Architect, you will need a bachelor degree in landscape architecture and a state-issued license.

2. Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist makes a human being attractive by applying makeup for attending functions including weddings, cultural functions, theatre, film etc. A talented Makeup Artist possesses the ability to make a person stand out from the crowd in a public gathering. Those who have excelled in this field are honoured with various prestigious awards including Academy Awards for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Emmy Awards, Golden Globes etc.

Although no formal education is required to become a makeup artist, professional licenses are required in some countries. 

Makeup artists are appointed by bigger production companies. Besides, most makeup artists do freelance work.

3. Advertising Manager

Advertising Managers create campaigns to promote products and services in an organisation. They are also responsible for controlling various advertising activities. Advertising is an important part of an organisation that is integrated with marketing communication.

The duty of an Advertising Manager is also to review materials for print, web, radio, television etc. He also has to make decisions related to advertising strategies, advertising budget, media strategy etc.

Advertising managers are appointed by various advertising agencies, marketing departments of an organisation etc.

To become an Advertising manager you should have a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising, Marketing or a related field.


4. Web Developers

Web developers create and design websites that are also involved in the work of determining information of the site, writing codes etc. 

Although no technical degree is required for being a web developer, an associate’s degree in web design is preferred. 

Web Developers are appointed by various types of organisations as full-time employees while others work as freelancers.

5. Illustrator

 Illustrator clarifies the complicated concepts included in a book, magazine, children’s books etc. They apply their artistic skill and simplify the concepts in a material. Illustrators create images that work with something and add to them without distracting them what they illustrate.

Nowadays, the demand for digital illustrators is also increasing due to the age of social media.

Illustrations are used in advertisements, greeting cards, posters, books, graphic novels, magazines, video games etc. 

Although there is no fixed route to become an illustrator, many illustrators have a degree in illustrations or other art-related subjects.

6. Tattoo Artist

A tattoo is a form of art that is applied to the skin of human beings. It has been a form of expression since the centuries. The market for tattoos is growing due to the increasing demand of people. Therefore it can be a flourishing career as a tattoo artist. This is also one of the popular jobs for creative people as a lot of creativity requires in this work.

The required skills to be a tattoo artist are that you must have to be artistic, must have patience and eagerness to learn new things.

The best way to become a tattoo artist is to work as an apprentice in a tattoo studio for two to three years.

7. Interior Designer

 Interior designers use their creativity to decorate the indoor spaces of houses, offices etc. They make the indoor spaces functional and pleasing by using their creative skills. They also emphasise making the interior of a building beautiful.

To become an Interior Designer one must have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in interior designing. The available interior designing courses are B.Des, B.Sc, B.A., BFA, M.Des and M.Sc.

Interior designers are appointed by architectural firms, retailers, interior design companies, designing consultancies, construction companies, event management companies and exhibition centres.


8. Copywriter

A copywriter writes appealing materials for the purpose of advertising and marketing a product of a company and organisation to attract customers. Their job is to apply marketing principles to compose copy that accompanies visual elements.

Generally, copywriters have Bachelor’s degrees in English, Journalism, Marketing and Communication.

Copywriters work for a variety of media including print, video and online. They are appointed by advertising agencies and product-based firms. They may also work as freelancers.

9. Journalist         

 Journalists play a major role in society to convey the message to society through real stories. In this field, journalists write news for print, digital and television. They must have to cover the news by creating stories stating the facts and circumstances.

To become a journalist you should have a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication after completing class 12th. After graduation, you can also pursue a Master’s in journalism and mass communication.

10. Fashion Designer

Fashion designers design the cloth, footwear or other accessories. They apply their ideas and imagination to create various sophisticated garments. Their extraordinary creativity appeals to the customers and compels them to have a look at those garments. It can also be considered as one of the most popular jobs for creative people.

A fashion designer creates clothing, including dresses, suits, pants, and other accessories including shoes and handbags.

There is no compulsory requirement of a college degree to be a successful fashion designer. But a bachelor’s degree in fashion design would aid in this success.

11. Architects

Architects plan and design houses, buildings, factories, offices, educational institutions and other structures. Architects prepare the design as per the demand of the client. They work both for public and private projects.

To become an architect you must have a bachelor’s degree in architecture. After obtaining the degree you should gain experience through a paid internship. Thereafter you should pass the Architect Registration Examination.


12. Writers and Authors

Writers and authors convey information by writing for the magazine, books, movies, plays etc. They like to play with the words and convey appealing stories to the readers.

No formal degree is required to become a writer and author. But many employers prefer to appoint writers having degrees in English, journalism and communication. Some enter into the industry through internships or self-publishing content.

13. Editor

Editors review the contents for publication in a  newspaper, magazine, books etc. They check the spelling, grammar and other structural problems and rewrite them so that readers can comprehend them easily.

To be an editor you should have a bachelor’s degree in English, journalism and communication. You must also have previous experience in writing and proofreading the contents.

14. Film and Video Editors

A film or video editor are required in the film industry to edit videos using video-editing software. They improve a scene by using editing techniques. They collaborate with the directors, producers and camera operators for the overall improvement of the scene. They also look for errors and examine various parts to see whether they match with the story or not.

To become a film and video editor, you should have a Bachelor’s degree in a field related to film or broadcasting. But having the required skill and knowledge may also land you a job.

15. Producers and Directors

Producers and directors produce films, serials, web series and theatres. They select the actors, scripts and topics. They also prepare the budget and funds for the project. 

Many producers and directors have a degree in film or acting or writing. They also possess many years of experience in the field of acting, video editing, cinematography etc.


16. Multimedia artists and animators

Multimedia artists and animators create two and three-dimensional images, models, computer-generated images, games or other animated images. They work with game designers, film producers and other animators.

Those who have bachelor’s degrees in computer graphics, fine arts, animation, or related fields.

17. Photographer

A professional photographer takes photographs for various magazines, advertising agencies. The wedding photographer takes photographs of the wedding to make the special moment memorable. Wildlife photographers take snapshots of wild animals, nature, environments for various channels including National Geography and Discovery.

Many professional photographers take courses on photography. Besides doing the courses,  skills in photography are required to be a successful professional photographer.

18. Industrial Designer

Industrial designers work in various industries. They develop concepts and designs for all kinds of manufactured products including cars, children’s toys etc. Their responsibility is to manage the functions, production costs and usability of products.

To become an industrial designer one should have a bachelor’s degree. It is also required to have a portfolio with its design projects.

19. Painters

Painting is the form of art that is applied on a solid surface by applying pigment, colours etc. Painting is an important form of visual arts bringing in various elements including drawing, composition, gesture etc.

To become a painter you may get a formal bachelor’s degree called BFA and after obtaining a bachelor’s degree you may get a Master’s degree called MFA. 


20. Music Composer

A music composer is a person who writes music. He creates music in any music genre including classical music, folk music etc. They create music by musical notes. 

Music composers don’t require a formal degree or diploma. But they require the creative skill to produce appealing music that comforts the ears of the listeners.

Music composers are appointed by music studios, film producing companies etc.

21. Lyricist

Lyricists write songs for music albums or films. They also write the music of the songs which may include melody, harmony, arrangement and accompaniment. Most of the time lyricists work with the music composer. Sometimes, lyricists not only write the songs but also work as a composer of the music.

To become a lyricist you should have the skill of imagination and creativity to give solace to the minds of the listener.


The creative field is a vast field. There are numerous jobs for creative people who are also passionate about any of the skills.

The creative jobs we have mentioned above will help you to find out the job of your interest and proceed further in building the career by developing the skill in that particular area.