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16 Lucrative Jobs in Film Industry to Build an Attractive Career

By Barnali Barman
Last updated on 1st Sep 2021
Film Industry

There is cutthroat competition to get a job in the film industry. Even many people have nurtured their dreams to enter into this industry since their childhood. But only a few are able to mark their success in this industry. You need a lot of patience and dedication to get phenomenal success in this field.

Jobs in Film Industry

With the increasing demand of society, the film industry is growing by leaps and bounds. In 2019, the global box office collection was worth 42.2 billion. Therefore, jobs in the film industry are also increasing.

We have compiled a list of some of the career opportunities available in the film industry. These have been mentioned below:

1. Director

A film director bears a huge responsibility in the whole film industry. His role is very crucial to the completion of a film. At the same time, it is one of the highly rewarding jobs in the film industry. He supervises all aspects of a film starting from the creative process to bringing them together. 

The duty of a director includes planning and managing budgets, executing the post-production stages of the film, communicating the vision with all other members involved in the film. He also selects the topics and actors for the film. 

To become a film director you need to have creative skills, communication skills besides having management and leadership skills.

According to the BLS report, a 9% growth of jobs as a Director is predicted to happen from 2014 to 2024.

The average income of a film director is between $250,000 to $2 million per project.

2. Producer

A film producer works closely with the director and supervises the whole process of production of a film. Besides, he funds the budget and is also involved in the marketing process of the film.

The other major responsibilities of a producer are to assess the ideas, hire key staff including a director and other crew, control the budget, allocate resources etc.

A producer should have good communication skills along with management and leadership skills. He should also have creative ability and judgment skills.

Most of the producers have a bachelor’s degree in the related field. Many of them have prior experience in acting and other related works.

A film producer earns between $30,000 to $140,000.

3. Actor

A major part of the success of a film depends on the skill of an actor. A skilled actor has the ability to engage the audience in the character of the film. To become a successful actor you should have a passion for acting.

An actor should have a good personality including an attractive physical appearance besides having good acting skills. He has to conduct good research and collect even the minute details about a character before playing the role so that he can enthral the audience with his acting.

To become an actor one should have a lot of practice and experience in the field of acting. Many actors get trained themselves by joining an acting school too.

The income of an actor ranges between $20-30 million.


4. Costume Designer

A costume designer designs costumes for a film. The role of a Costume designer is to create the outfit to be used by the actors in the film. While designing the costume, he or she must keep in mind the characters, plots and other aspects involved in the film.

A costume designer works along with the director, lighting designer and other personnel. He or she also works with the makeup artist, hairstylist etc.

To become a costume designer you need to have the knowledge and trends of the costume besides having the creative skills.

Costume designers have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in apparel, costume or fashion design.

The average income of a costume designer is $39,000 to $40,000.

5. Prop Master

A prop master manages and supervises the prop used on a set. Props are the theatrical property used in a film. Props include any movable or portable thing on a set distinct from scenery, costumes and electrical equipment. Prop masters are also given the responsibility to oversee the set during shooting.

A prop master may get some training by doing the courses in the related field. He may also get the experience by entering into the industry through entry-level positions.

A prop master earns around $ 63988.

6. Makeup Artist

A Makeup Artist is a person who applies makeup on the face and body of the individual to give a more attractive look than normal. The actors are made ready for the shooting by applying makeup to them. 

Makeup Artists also have to do research regarding characters and scenes. They work in collaborating with the film director and lighting technician to get the idea about the character.

Although no academic degree or diploma is required to be a Makeup Artist, you may need to have a professional licence.

The average earning of a makeup artist is $30.27 per hour.

7. Film Editor

Film editors edit the video to keep the sequence of the videos in the proper order. They improve the scene by applying editing techniques. They collaborate with the director and camera operators for the overall improvement of the scene.

Film editors select shots and combine them into a sequence that creates a finished motion picture. They also examine various parts of the film to see whether they match the story or not.

To become a video editor you should have a Bachelor’s degree in the related field. You should also have the required skill to get a job.

The average salary of a film editor is $51146.


8. Script Writer

A scriptwriter writes scripts for a film. The script includes action and dialogue to be used by the actors. Even a script also includes the scene and description of costumes and garments to be clad by the actors. Scriptwriting is a creative process that begins with an idea, thought or imagination.

Although no educational qualification is required to be a scriptwriter you should have a good command of a language. Scriptwriters basically work as freelance writers.

The average income of a scriptwriter is $64,537 per project.

9. Stunt Performer

The stunt is a difficult physical activity performed in a film or theatre that requires training and skill. A stunt performer is a professional who performs daring acts or dangerous scenes including falling from a car or hanging from a building etc in a film. Stunt performers fill the slot of a movie star and perform the dangerous act on their behalf. 

No formal education is required to be a stunt performer. But you will have to undergo training of about six months before applying for a stunt performer. 

The average income of a stunt performer is $1,005 per day.

10. Choreographer

Choreography is creating dance patterns or composing dance in the rhythm of the music. 

A choreographer is a person who composes dance in the music of a film. He directs the dancers on how to move their bodies according to the rhythm of the music.

To become a Choreographer you should have the excellent ability to dance, the stamina to work for long hours and good communication skills. Choreographers are specialised in dance styles including classical ballet, jazz dance, modern dance etc. 

A choreographer earns around $39,518.

11. Sound Technician

Sound is a major part of the film. Good sound quality also improves the overall quality of the film. A sound technician operates the equipment used to record, amplify, or reproduce the sound. 

Special roles offered to a sound technician in a film include dialogue editor, dubbing mixer, production mixer and Foley artist.

To become a sound technician you should have technical skills including basic electrical engineering, familiarity with the dialogue capture process etc.

The average salary of a sound technician is $22.58 per hour.


12. Lighting Technician

The lighting technician creates various lighting effects and manages the lighting systems. He is responsible for the movement of lighting equipment to increase the quality of visual effects.

The responsibility of a lighting technician also involves laying electrical cables, fixing wires, installing colour effects etc.

To become a lighting technician you should have a degree in lighting design, electrical engineering or lighting technology.

A lighting technician earns between $31,500 to $58,000.

13. Program Researcher

Program researchers gather information and facts for director, producer and scriptwriter by conducting research and help to create an entertaining film. They also help the producers and scriptwriters to find out new ideas for a film.

To become a program researcher, you should have research and analytical skills, excellent written and communication skills etc. You should also have the ability to work under pressure.

The annual average income of a program researcher is $51,590.

14. Location Manager

A location manager selects the location where a particular shooting will take place. His responsibility also involves obtaining the permit from the police, government, fire etc.

He also has to manage and supervise the location scouting. Once the producer or scriptwriter decides a scenery or location for a particular scene, the duty of a scriptwriter to find that exact location starts.

Many location managers have a Bachelor’s degree in media studies, or filmmaking, or broadcast production or photography.

The average income of a location manager is $59,990.

15. Director of Photography

The Director of photography is also known as a cinematographer whose responsibility is to manage the camera and lighting crews on the film set. He makes some artistic and technical decisions besides reviewing footage in the post-production stage.

To become a Cinematographer, you should have deep knowledge of camera and lighting equipment.  To get this position you will have to work as a camera assistant.

The average income of the director of photography is $74,000.


16. Camera Operator

A camera operator operates the camera as per the direction of the director regarding a scene in the film. His responsibility involves capturing images, lighting and other special effects by setting up the camera.

To become a professional camera operator, you should know how to use a camera. You should build a strong portfolio by working on a low budget film to expect employment in a high budget film.

The average income of camera operators is between $34,617 to $51, 272.


There is no doubt that an opportunity in the film industry will help you to build a rewarding career.

If you are looking for jobs in the film industry, you should hone the skill of your interest and try to pursue your career in that direction.

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