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11 Preparation Tips for Rajasthan Civil Services Exam

By Barnali Barman
Last updated on 30th Oct 2021

Rajasthan State and Subordinate Combined Competitive Exam also known as the Rajasthan Civil Services exam is conducted by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission to recruit qualified candidates for various posts of civil services.

Since this is a highly competitive exam, you must have careful planning, meticulous preparation and unwavering dedication to ace the exam.

Preparation Tips

You may have a look at the following preparation tips. These may help you to prepare for the exam:

1. Know the Exam

The first step of the preparation starts with knowing the exam. To know the exam, you should know the syllabus and the exam pattern.

The syllabus of the exam helps you to get an idea about the topics. When you read the syllabus thoroughly, you are able to differentiate between the topics that are more important or not.

By knowing the exam pattern, you are able to get an idea about the marks distribution, exam pattern etc. The best way to know the exam pattern is to go through the previous years question paper.

2. Collect Study Material

Before starting the preparation, you should collect the study materials from reliable sources. Do the research properly before buying a book.

Try to follow one good book for one subject rather than following more than one book. You may get confused if you follow more than books only for one subject.

You may also rely on various websites to buy study materials. But, you should be cautious about deceitful websites.

3. Prepare Notes

When you make short and comprehensible notes, you can easily revise the topics before the exam. By preparing notes, you will also be able to build the habit of writing answers. Thus you can save time during the exam.

Try to make the notes in points. It will help you to remember the topics. Moreover, try to make notes in digital format. You will feel convenient when you have to add some new information to the existing topic.


4. Make a Study Plan

A study plan always helps you to stick to the preparation for the exam.  When you follow a study plan, you can devote your time to each subject equally. You will also be able to maintain discipline while studying when you follow your study plan.

Try to study the same subject at the same place and at the same time. Thus the topics you have studied will be able to make an association with your brain.

5. Study Regularly

Try to do regular study. By doing the regular study you will be able to complete the syllabus on time and you will get enough time to revise the topics regularly.

By studying regularly you will also not get distracted from the purpose of appearing for the exam.

6. Time Management

To clear an exam successfully, you should have the skill to manage your time. It will help you to do work smartly. There are various ways to manage your time while preparing for a highly competitive exam like this. One of such is applying the Pomodoro technique.

By applying the Pomodoro technique, you will be able to increase your productivity. This technique is about taking a small break while doing a big task. You may take a break of 5 minutes while continuously doing a task for 25 minutes.

Thus you are able to divide a big task into various sessions and you are able to complete the task soon.

7. Revise

Revision helps you to retain the information for a longer period of time. When you revise a topic you are able to understand the topic better and your mind retains the information further.

When you will keep revising the topics, you won’t feel stressed before the exam. Try to remember the keywords. By remembering the keywords you are able to remember the whole topic. It is one of the easiest ways to remember a topic during the exam.


8. Take Care of Your Health

Health is one of the important factors to become successful in anything in life. It is not possible to concentrate in your study without good health.

To maintain good physical health, you should eat healthy foods including vegetables, fruits and plenty of water.  Try to avoid junk foods and do exercise regularly.

Exercise helps to keep aside the illness and make you energetic. Thus you won’t become lethargic and can do a task for a longer period without being exhausted.

9. Do Meditation

The way good food and exercise are required to build a healthy body, meditation is also required for our good mental health. By practising meditation regularly, you will be able to increase the level of your concentration. Meditation also helps to increase memory power.

Meditation also helps you to stay calm and thus you become stress-free during the exam. When you stay calm and stressed free you can handle any kind of situation during the exam.

10. Think Positively

Always think positively. Positive thinking helps you to be stress-free. When you are stressed free you will be able to make decisions properly.

Moreover, when you think positively, you won’t feel nervous. When you become nervous you get confused and become unable to attempt the questions properly.


Hard work, persistence and determination are the key factors that increase your possibility to grab success in a highly competitive exam like the Rajasthan Subordinate Combined Competitive Exam.

The above-mentioned preparation tips may help you to prepare for the exam in the right direction.

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