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11 Amazing Music Related Career to Enthrall the World

By Barnali Barman
Last updated on 18th Aug 2021

Music can be considered one of the most beautiful things in the world. A good piece of music has the power to give us peace and happiness. Without music, the whole world would have become boring and dull.

Earlier music was considered as a way of finding entertainment only. But with the change of time, many ardent lovers of music want to adopt it as a career.

According to the Global Revenue Report published in IFPI, the global recorded music grew by 7.4% in 2020 and total revenues were US$ 21.6 billion. In Asia, the music revenue grew by 9.5% and digital revenues surpassed a 50% share of the region’s total revenue for the first time.

Music Related Jobs

There are many music-related jobs that have the potentiality to help you to build a beautiful future.

1. Music Director

A Music director is responsible for supervising all musical aspects including performance and organization. He directs the singers and musicians on how to perform. He is in charge of overall musical performance including supervising recording of music with orchestration. Sometimes he also writes lyrics. It is one of the top music-related jobs in the whole music industry.

To become a music director you should have a master’s degree in music. You should have the artistic skill in creating an enthralling piece of music. You should also have knowledge of different musical styles.

A music director earns around $32,492 per project.

2. Lyricist

Without lyrics, a song cannot be completed. Lyric is the heart of a song and a Lyricist is a person who gives heart to a song. He writes the words of a song and gives meaning to a song. 

A lyricist works in collaboration with the composer and music director. Sometimes the director or composer suggests the lyricist write the lyrics. 

No formal degree or certificate is required to be a lyricist. But you should have creative skills to play with the words and powerful vocabulary of a particular language.

The average income of a lyricist is $12.32 per hour.

3. Singer

Singing is the process of bringing life to the lyrics of a song. It falls in the category of one of the reputed music-related jobs. One who sings a song is called the singer. Singer produces musical sounds with the voice. He performs the song with rhythmic sounds of musical instruments.

There are various musical styles including jazz, blues, ghazals etc. There are also classical and modern songs.

To become a singer you should take singing lessons from a professional vocal coach. You will have to practice the scales. You should have the habit of working for long hours.

The average income of a singer is between $45,000-$65,000 per year.


4. Music Composer

A composer is a person who writes music including classical music, vocal music, instrumental music etc. He creates music in any musical genre and works in a musical score using musical notation.

Some music composers have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in music. To become a music composer, you should have a good knowledge of music, develop good musical judgment, and analyze music.

The average income of a music composer is $51,795.

5. Music Publicist

Music publicists may not be involved in the musical process. Their role is to bring music to the public. They work for marketing the music, promoting concerts, arranging interviews etc. 

A publicist handles the media and public relations on behalf of the music groups. He also takes responsibility in connection with releasing the album. 

Many publicists hold a Bachelor degree in public relations, marketing, advertising, journalism, or communication.

The average income of a music publicist is $46,866.

6. Instrumentalist

Without music, a song is incomplete. Music makes a song more enthralling and entertaining. An instrumentalist is a person who plays musical instruments by using musical notes. Sometimes, he also composes, conducts or performs music. 

To be an instrumentalist, you should be trained in playing musical instruments such as guitar, violin, piano etc. You should also have the knowledge of music.

The average income of a musician is $35,300.

7. Music Arranger

A music arranger arranges a piece of music to get a new sound. He also helps the music director to arrange the music of different genres to make some fusions of music. 

To become a music arranger you should have deep knowledge of music, be an organized thinker, and a quick learner. You should also have an understanding of how to use the technology.

The income of a music arranger ranges from $10,000 to $234, 197.


8. Sound Engineer

A sound engineer who is also known as an audio engineer arranges the recording of music using equalization, audio effects, mixing and reinforcement of sound. A sound engineer works on the “technical aspect of recording”.

A sound engineer shapes algorithms for audio signal processing and conducts research on audible sound.

To be a sound engineer you should have a degree in engineering such as acoustical, electrical or electronic engineering.

The average income of a sound engineer is $49,000.

9. Music Teacher

Music teachers train and teach the students regarding the theory and performance of music. They may take the music classes on the basis of private or small tuition. Music teachers are also appointed in educational institutions to give lessons on music.

Teaching is considered as the noblest profession in the world. Therefore a music teacher also gets the same amount of respect as the teacher of other subjects.

To become a music teacher, you should have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in music.

The average salary of a music teacher is $44,133.

10. Music Therapist

Music therapy is a clinical or medicinal process to cure a client of an ailment. A music therapist is a person who uses music for the treatment of his client.

Music therapy is used for human functioning of cognitive, academic, emotional/psychological; behavioural; communication; social and physiological. Music therapy is applied in hospitals, cancer centres,  schools, alcohol and drug recovery centres etc.

Music therapy also helps to eliminate anxiety disorder amongst the students.

11. Artist Manager

An artist manager creates the opportunity for the artists in the music industry. He connects with the artists and helps them in the growth of their careers. He will have to believe in the artists.

To become an artist manager you should have management and leadership skills along with negotiation skills.

The average income of an artist manager is $75,053 per year.


If you are also passionate about music and want to show your talent to the world and also want to make a living out of it you should find out your interest in any of the music-related jobs mentioned in this article.


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