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10 Useful Preparation Tips to Ace UP TET Examination

By Barnali Barman
Last updated on 30th Dec 2021
10 Useful Preparation Tips to Ace UP TET Examination

Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test is conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board to recruit qualified candidates for the posts of teacher in Primary and Upper Primary schools within the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The Teacher Eligibility Test, known as TET, is the minimum qualification required in India for a person to be eligible for appointment as a teacher for Classes I to VIII. The test is mandatory for teaching jobs in Indian government schools. With the introduction of TET, the Government of Uttar Pradesh conducts the exam to appoint teachers in government and provincialised schools within the state.

Since lakhs of students appear for this exam every year, you will have to prepare for the exam carefully. By going through the following preparation tips, you will get some ideas about preparing for the exam.

Preparation Tips

1. Know the Exam

The first step of preparation is to know the exam. By being familiar with the exam, you will be able to prepare for the exam without much difficulty. To know the exam, you will have to be familiar with the syllabus and exam pattern.

The exam is divided into two papers. Paper I is for those candidates who want to be primary teachers from class I to V and Paper II is for those candidates who want to work as an upper primary teachers from class VI to VIII. Each paper carries a total of 150 marks. The questions will be objective in nature. You can also go through the previous years question papers to know the exam pattern and marks distribution.

2. Prepare Notes

By preparing notes, you can have a profound understanding of the topics. To comprehend the topic better, you should write the notes in easy language by keeping the sentence short. While making notes, you can use two or three different colours. For example, to write the heading, you can use a red pen whereas to write the example, you can use a black pen etc. But, do not make the whole copy very colourful. Instead, limit the colours up to a maximum of three. You should also use bullet points and numbers so that you don’t get confused about the topics.

3. Make a Study Schedule

A study schedule helps you to maintain discipline in your study. When you study according to the schedule, you can devote equal time to every subject. It helps you stay on track. In your schedule, you should include the time of your every activity including sleeping, eating, bathing etc. Thus you can manage your time effectively and get an idea about how much time you are devoting to other activities.


4. Study Regularly

Regular study is very essential to crack any exam successfully. Always study the difficult subject in the morning. It will help to retain the information clearly and understand the topics as well.

You should also use the Pomodoro technique. Pomodoro technique emphasises dividing a big task into small portions. For example, if you are studying continuously for a period of 25 minutes, you should take a break for five minutes. It will help you to increase your productivity.

5. Revise

Revision is important to retain the topics you have studied earlier. Without revision, your study will incomplete. Therefore, you should fix a separate time in your study schedule for the purpose of revision. When you revise the topics, fix the same topics on the same day and time. It will help you to associate with the topics and to retain them for a longer period of time.

To revise the topics, you may use some methods including associative learning, flashcard technique, mind maps and so on.

6. Collect Study Materials

Study material plays an immense role in being successful to crack an exam. Good study material is always helpful to score good marks in the exam. Therefore, you should always be careful while collecting study materials including books and other materials. You can collect the study materials online as well as offline. You should ensure that you avail all the required resources for the exam and don’t have to run on fumes.

When you buy books, you should do research well. Buy those books which have the potentials to clear your concept. Otherwise, you will have to face difficulty if you are not able to understand what you read in the book.

7. Time Management

Time management is essential to attempt the questions effectively. Avoid spending too much time on a single question. Save at least 15 to 20 minutes to attempt those questions which you are not sure about. It will help you to remember the answers to the doubtful questions. You should divide your time for each section. Thus you will be able to cover every section within the stipulated time limit.


8. Take Care of Health

There is no point in burning the midnight oil leaving your health at stake. If you feel tired and ill all the time, you will fail to put your efforts into your work. Therefore, it is very important to take care of your health.

To have a healthy body and mind, you should maintain a healthy diet and practise good habits. Try to avoid junk food and eat healthy food including fruits, vegetables etc. Besides following a healthy diet, you should also do exercise regularly. Exercise helps you to get rid of lethargy and make you feel active and keep you energised the whole day.

Subject-Wise Preparation Tips

Besides the aforementioned preparation tips, you should also go through the following subject-wise preparation tips:

9. Child Development and Pedagogy

Child Development and Pedagogy is a subject that focuses on the educational psychology of teaching and learning relevant to the age group of 6-11 years. The subject also focuses on understanding the characteristics and needs of diverse learners, interaction with learners and the attributes and qualities of a good facilitator of learning.

Although there are many books available on this subject, you may buy a book titled “Child Development and Pedagogy for CTET and STET” by Shalini Punjabi.

10. language Papers

There will be two languages including Hindi and English. The syllabus of language sections includes Parts of speech, Active and passive voice, Singular plural, Knowledge of the famous poetry of famous poets, Tenses. To prepare for this section, you should clear your basic concept of grammar.

11. Other Subjects

Other subjects include environmental science, mathematics, social studies etc. To prepare for these subjects, you will have to collect books. Buy those books, which are written in easy language and help you to clear the basic concepts.


Every exam needs a good strategy to get a fruitful result. Therefore, besides focusing on hard work, perseverance and constant effort, you should also focus on preparing with a good strategy to crack the UP TET exam successfully. We hope the aforementioned preparation strategies will help you to get ideas to prepare for the exam.

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