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10 Useful Preparation Tips For SBI Specialist Officer Exam

By Barnali Barman
Last updated on 11th Nov 2021
10 Useful Preparation Tips For SBI Specialist Officer Exam

SBI Specialist Officer exam is conducted by the State Bank of India to recruit officers in different specialized categories. SBI invites applications for specialist officer (SO) recruitment as per vacancies in different departments. Under the SBI Specialist Officer (SO) exam, there are multiple SBI openings during the year. Candidates are selected on the basis of their merit and availability of the respective posts.

The recruitment is generally conducted in two phases, online exam and personal interview, however, in many cases recruitment is done by shortlisting of candidates followed by personal interview. The written exam consists of two sections including General Aptitude (Common) and Professional Knowledge (Role-Based).

Preparation Tips

Every year lakhs of candidates appear for this exam but only a few get selected in this exam. To get selected, you should prepare for the exam sincerely. To get some ideas, you may go through the following preparation tips:

1. Know the Exam

Before starting to prepare, you should be familiar with the exam. You should know the syllabus and exam pattern. When you know the syllabus, you get to know about topics that make your preparation easy.  All topics included in the syllabus are not important. Try to find out important topics from your syllabus. It will save your time and energy.

Like the syllabus, you should also know about the exam pattern. You may go through the previous years’ question papers to know about the exam pattern. By knowing the exam pattern you will be aware of the question pattern and marks distribution.

2. Collect Study Materials

Once you are familiar with the syllabus, you should collect study materials. You should be careful while collecting study materials. Search for reliable sources whether online or offline.

Do proper research before buying the books. Buy such a book that has the potentiality to clarify the basic concept. One good book is sufficient for one subject. Avoid buying multiple books for only one subject.

Besides collecting study materials, you may also take the help of the internet to clarify your doubt. Many YouTube videos are also available where many experienced faculties will clear your doubt.

3. Make a Study Plan

A study plan is very important to keep you on track of study. It helps you to cover all the subjects equally and also help you to manage your time effectively. Try to make your study plan in such a way that you get the opportunity to study the same subject at the same time. It will help you to make an association with the topics and recall them easily.

One of the most important benefits of making a study plan is that it helps you to stop wasting your time by thinking about which subject you have to study at what time.


4. Prepare Notes

When you prepare notes by yourself, you are able to understand the topics better. Notes should be made in an easy and comprehensible language. When you make notes on points you are able to retain them easily in your memory. When you prepare notes, you will build the habit of writing answers which helps you a lot during the exam.

Notes also help you to revise faster when the exam is near.  Moreover, when you make notes highlighting the key ideas in the exam, you will find it easy to remember these ideas which help you to recall them while writing in the exam.

5. Practise Mock Test

Mock tests are like the mirror of your preparation. When you practice mock tests your preparation gets reflected in the mock tests. By practising mock tests, you are able to figure out which subject you should focus on more. Thus you get the opportunity to improve the level of your preparation.

Mock tests also help you to learn time management effectively which become helpful to you during the exam. Since questions asked during the mock tests have similarities with the questions of the exam, it won’t take much time to comprehend the question during the exam.

6. Revise

Revision helps you to retain the information for a longer period of time. When you keep revising a topic you won’t forget easily. Thus you will be stress-free before the exam. Moreover, it will also help you by saving your time as you will be able to remember the topics easily when you keep revising the topics much earlier.

7. Apply Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro technique is about taking breaks while doing a big task. When you continue to study for 25 minutes you should take a small break of 5 minutes. It will help you to be productive and manage your time effectively.

If you continue to study for a longer period of time you become exhaustive that leads to a decrease in your productivity. Taking breaks helps you to avoid exhaustion.


8. Take Care of Health

Health is the most essential thing to get success in anything. You should eat healthy food like fruit, vegetables and drink plenty of water and try to avoid junk food.

When you will be healthy, your productivity will increase and won’t get disturbed by illness easily. It will also help you to focus more on your studies.

9. Do Meditation

Like physical health, mental health is also important. Meditation is one of the best options to take care of your mental health. Meditation is also very important to reduce your stress which helps you to stay calm. When you are calm you can take the decision easily. Meditation also helps you to concentrate for a longer period of time and increase memory power.

Meditation has been practising since ancient times to understand the sacred and mystical force of life. But, in modern days, meditation is practised for relaxation and stress reduction.

10. Don’t Take Much Stress

Avoid thinking about success or failure. Instead, focus on study. The more you take stress the more you become nervous that will decrease your success ratio. You should also avoid negative thoughts. When you stay positive, you become stress-free. You also feel confident when you stay positive.


If you prepare for the SBI Specialist Officer exam seriously and sincerely, nothing can prevent you from succeeding in this exam. If you go through the above-mentioned preparation tips, you will be able to get some useful ideas of preparation that will be beneficial for you.

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