10 Unethical Sales Tricks

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Believe it or not, you cannot be the best salesman without trying some unethical tactics to impress your customer and sell a product. You need to be unconventional for an unprecedented sale turnover. Well, ethics are relative, what’s ethical from a seller’s view need not be the same from a customer’s viewpoint. So let’s see how’s that going to affect our sales figure.

1. Attract customers and build a crowd:

You opened a stall in a carnival to sell some home-made pickle. You have been waiting in the counter for the day long that you somehow grab a customer who is willing to buy your products. But you ended up the day with a receipt not even able to cover up your shop rent. You wonder why such meager sale turnout considering the quality of the product. The reason is nobody wants to be the first customer to buy a product as who knows what rubbish he is getting. Actually, People are terrified of making mistake- being the first one to try a new product.
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On the other hand, It’s a human ingenuity- whenever a person sees a gathering in front of a shop to buy a product, he will be attracted no matter what rotten eggs are selling there. Hence, it is always important to make outlets magnetic like illuminating with LED lights, decorate with flowers and balloons, creating a musical ambiance, gorgeous sales girls etc. Frankly speaking, people are attracted to everything in your shop other than your pickle. So, do whatever is possible to make things/shops lucrative rather than simply showcasing your products. Once they come keep your jaws open.

2. Fasten your product with an authoritative body:

People take the opinions of the authoritative bodies or celebrities more seriously than others. What do you need? You need somebody with whom people are familiar with and to associate your product with their name. This dental association recommends this toothpaste. It doesn’t mean they are not recommending the other one, but what people see is that the recommended toothpaste is the best one to buy. Nine out of ten doctors recommend this hand wash. This type of advertisement has always a positive effect on your products.

3. Put some crazy facts:

The ultimate goal of marketing is to draw the attention of the people. One of the ways is to cite some craziest facts. The crazier the better. Suppose you are selling a brand of vegetable oil. You put out some figures that 10 million people die worldwide every year by heart-attack due to cholesterol and 90% edible oils are full of bad fats and chemicals. People find these facts surprising and think over and again about the facts. Then you say our brand of vegetable oil controls cholesterol and has been made keeping in mind all the quality standards, good for health.

4. Create a situation of urgency:

It has been observed that statistical figures are very much positive in terms of sales turnover whenever there is a limited period offer. This is a very effective method if customers are given a tiny time window say 48 hours to buy a product. On the other hand, if a large time period offer is given to the customers, indirectly you are allowing them to think about the product for a larger period of time. In such scenarios, people usually procrastinate in buying the product and gradually the chances go dim with the passage of time. Hence, the strategy should be, do not allow the customers much time to take a decision but to take an action and make him feel that it would be smarter to buy the product now before the price goes double.

5. Challenge their masculinity:

Lots of dumb people around us to take this type of challenge. This types of ads are run by the companies making foods and beverages product, body sprays etc. Are you man enough to drink it? This is not child’s drink. People take them seriously and go for it to show their masculinity.

6. Play with currency lingo:

Playing with the customer psychology is very important to sell a product.
First approach: How much this phone is? It costs 1000 dollars. The customer finds it costly and walks away without buying it.
Second approach: How much this phone is? 1000 bucks only. There is a fair bit of chance the customer will not fly away all at once. You make him feel that it costs thousand, only!! You are overpowering his judgmental instinct which compels him to think that oh, it’s not that costly.
You can see if the currency name is not uttered the customer psychologically finds it much affordable to buy the product and prepare himself to jump in to the transaction.

7. Hit the bull’s eye:

Being good parents people want to protect their children and bring up in a safe environment. You can exploit that primal instinct by explaining to the customer why your product is safer and better. Maybe you are selling some home-made jam. Don’t explain how excellent it is, instead tell them that the jam has been prepared in a clean facility adhering all the quality checks set down by the state. It doesn’t matter that all your competitors are also doing so. But you are creating a notion among the customers that your’s is better than the others.

8. Cure the symptoms, not disease:

You may be selling a nutritional supplement that strengthens muscles & bones. People are less interested to know about the technical facts rather they are more interested in its effects. So you tell them about the medicine that rejuvenate, refresh one’s morning and keep them active all day long. Few people are interested in molecular changes in our body not even their bones and muscle but like to know they will feel refreshed and active. Products and services approached from this angle will surely have a better prospect.

9. Be specific:

Whenever you sell a product, be specific with its results. If you are selling a weight losing product never say you will lose weight over the next few months, but say lose 10 kilos in 2 months. Set a target for the customer where he can count the progress rather than an ambiguous picture before his eyes. People want specific things, no matter if the results are not guaranteed or changes, depending on diet and exercise. What matters is you have given your customer a goal to shoot for.

10. Your customer has a good taste:

A customer comes to your shop – referring to her jacket you tell her she has a good taste of fashion, believe it half of your sale is done. But if you had told her ‘nice jacket’ that would not have much effect in her purchasing inspiration. ‘Since you are smart you are buying it’ this type of line makes the customer feel that he is a genius and to show his smartness he generally goes for purchasing things. People want to be flattered and do things out of flattery without judging its consequences. Here you can make some good deals out of that.


While applying such tricks in your daily life never use falsehood to sell your products. It not only takes your customer away from you but will drive other people dump your product. A vital point to be kept in mind is that using the above tricks comprising frauds and lie will make them ineffective and even turns out to be boomerang to seal your fate. Hence use judiciously, play wisely.

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Deep Sikder

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