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How To Prepare For Bank Interviews: 10 Super Tips For Last Minute Preparation

By Gaurab Singha Roy
Last updated on 6th Nov 2021
Tips For Banking Interview

In our society, the job of a banker is treated as a gentlemen’s job. Especially in a middle-class income group where desk jobs are the ultimate cherished desires, bank jobs are on the top of their list. Obviously, the level of competition among the candidates is extremely high. In this article, I am going to share some exclusive tips that are essential to crack bank job interviews.

Primarily the selection process of bank jobs is segregated into three parts- written test, group discussion and personal interview. Here, I would concentrate on the third part i.e. personal interview. These tips cited below are to ease off the pressure mounted on the candidates on the day of their interviews for bank jobs.

Here the tips are classified into two parts- one, before an interview and two, on the interview day. The first one will help you to overcome the fear of an interview and the other will give you some extra edge to impress the interview board.

Before an Interview

You should keep in mind the following 6 suggestions before the interview date

1. Check the Bank’s Website

While preparing for a bank job interview, try to do proper research about the bank. Try to know about each and every detail including history, functions, positions about that bank. It will increase the chance of your success in that interview.

According to a report, 47% of interviewers wouldn’t offer a job if the candidate had little knowledge of the company. The best option to know about that bank is to check the Bank’s website.

2. Shred the fear of ‘not known’

It has been observed on many occasions that student fails out of timidity. The worry of the unknown is more dangerous than you actually don’t know. Remember confidence has no alternative to your success. Candidates often caught on a fear that what questions are going to be asked, whether he/she can answer all the questions etc.

Don’t worry most of the candidates have the same fear. Well, there’s nothing to say about your preparation and hard work. Your preparations should be up to the mark; apart from that, your confidence should be at the peak.

3. Reach the interview venue on time

On the day of your interview, reach the interview venue well before the time, preferably 10-15 minutes. This would help you to cope with the situation and make yourself accustomed to the interviewing environment. It will lessen your nervousness.

According to a study, the personalities of the people have been divided into two categories. These type A personality and type B personality perceive time differently. According to the research, type A perceives a minute passing in 58 seconds and type B perceives a minute pass in 77 seconds.

Thus you can identify your personality type and prepare yourself to reach the venue on time.


4. Meditate

Focus on the interview is critical to your success. Meditation helps you in growing your concentration level.

According to the 2017 National Health Interview Survey, the use of meditation amongst US adults increased from 4.1 per cent to 14.2 per cent and among US children the number increased from 0.6 per cent to 5.4 per cent between 2012 to 2017.

You understand the importance of such an interview in your career, but don’t let it overwhelm your life. There are multiple opportunities, which have implications on your life and these interviews are one of them- this attitude will ease out the interview pressure mounted on you.

5. Practice Mock Interviews

Subject preparation and practice are essential to crack any job interview. Practice mock interviews in conditions simulating the interview room. If you have a friend or family member you can ask for their help. Choose a room which you can assume as the interview room.

Your friend who is the interviewer can prepare a list of some important questions or ask any related questions. Do exactly everything you are going to do in the interview. Prepare a table and chair for you and the interviewer both on opposite sides.

On the Interview Day

You will be able to see the guaranteed success if you apply the following tips on the day of your interview.

6. Impression

There is a saying “First impression is the last impression” and for personal job interviews, it holds good. Even before you speak a word the interview board will notice you, your appearance, how you entered the room etc. Try to impress the board with your first look. It was found from a survey that 33% of hiring managers knew in the first 90 seconds whether they would hire someone or not.

Wear a formal dress that makes sense within the office environment. For men, you should either be clean shaved or have a neatly trimmed beard. Always have a pleasant facial expression during the interview. Be calm and never haste.

7. Answer gently one by one

Normally in a bank interview, there are 3-4 members in the interview panel. As soon as you enter the room greet the panellists Good Morning/Good Afternoon.

The panel head generally starts the interview by asking you to tell about yourself. Then the other members may throw questions one after another within a short span. That may perplex you. Be calm and answer questions one by one. It will help you judge your patience and presence of mind.


8. Don’t panic

In an interview, you can expect some questions related to yourself like educational qualifications, place of birth etc. The questions are aimed at making you feel comfortable. It is one of the important tips to crack your bank interviews. Then you can expect some questions related to banking. These are mostly connected with the professional and work-related question. By chance you couldn’t answer a question, don’t panic. Don’t deprive yourself of success only because of fear of failure.

Go for the next one and don’t lose confidence. Remember nobody expects you to answer each and everything you are asked.

9. Never argue

Whatever be the situation is, never indulge yourself in any argument with the panel members. That would pay you nothing. Sometimes a trap may be laid for you to see your reaction to that question. Don’t fall into their trap, keep your composure calm and confident. Tactfully avoid going into any argument. Remember your sole motto is to get the job rather than winning the debate.

10. Tricky questions

Lastly, you should always keep in mind that if you are from any technical background, you have to be ready for some kind of twist. If your educational qualification is engineering you can expect the question the most obvious question, “Why banking after engineering?” or “Why didn’t you choose (eng stream) job?”. You should be prepared with a convincing answer for such questions.


Cracking interviews takes research, practice and persistence. Most importantly do not forget to thank everybody in the room before you leave. This will give you an edge in the selection process over the other candidates. The tips suggested here will obviously add some positive vibes to your life and will help you prepare for a better interview. And above all never lose heart; “Be Optimistic”.

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