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11 Helpful Preparation Tips for Meghalaya TET

By Barnali Barman
Last updated on 30th Oct 2021

The Teacher Eligibility Test, known as TET, is the minimum qualification required in India for a person to be eligible for an appointment as a teacher for Classes I to VIII.

Like other states of the country, the Meghalaya TET is conducted by the Directorate of Educational Research and Training to recruit eligible candidates for the posts of teacher in lower primary and upper primary schools within the state of Meghalaya.

Preparation Tips for Meghalaya TET

To successfully qualify for this exam, you should apply some strategies. Some of the useful preparation tips have been mentioned below:

1. Know the Exam

Without knowing an exam you cannot take a proper strategy. You should know all the details including the syllabus, exam pattern, marks distribution etc. To know about these details, you should go through the syllabus and the previous years’ question paper.

By going through previous years’ question papers, you will get an idea about the exam pattern. By knowing the syllabus and exam pattern, you will be able to take the proper strategy.

Try to find out the important and less important portion of the syllabus. It will help you to save your time when you will be able to differentiate between more important and less important topics.

2. Collect Study Materials

Once you are familiar with the exam, you should collect the books and study material from the proper sources. Books are available online too. When you gather all the study materials, it would be easy for you to start the preparation. Otherwise, it will create chaos for you.

Take time and research well when you go to buy the books. Go through the table of contents in the book and try to compare the contents with the syllabus.

3. Study Regularly

Regular study will help you to keep pace with the syllabus. When you study regularly you will be able to build a habit and you will be able to concentrate better.

Try to find out what to study and what not to study. Many successful candidates in various competitive exams admit that it is not important to study the whole syllabus in an exam.


4. Revise the Topics

Keep revising the topics you have studied earlier. It is the best solution to save yourself from forgetting the topics you have studied earlier. You should continue the revision along with studying new topics.

Revise in such a way that you don’t need to open the book even to check a small thing again and again. Write the topics on paper and stick them in such a place you come across regularly. When you often notice them, you will be able to remember them.

5. Make Notes

Prepare your notes in an easy and comprehensible manner. By preparing notes, you will be able to revise the topics before the exam without any difficulty. Try to prepare the notes pointwise so that you can remember them easily.

One of the important benefits of making notes is that you can understand the subject well. When you write the topics you will be able to remember them.

6. Underline the Words

When you read through a page of a book, always underline the important words. It will help you at the time of making notes. When you underline a topic, you will be able to concentrate easily. You will also find it easy to revise the underlined topics before the exam.

7. Make a Study Plan

Without planning it is always hard to get success in life. The same thing also applies to the exam.

Make a proper study plan to maintain discipline while preparing for the exam. When you prepare a study plan you will be able to pay attention to each subject equally.

Try to study the same subject at the same time and in the same place. Thus your brain can make associations and you can remember the topics easily. If you apply this trick, it will help whether you study the subject you like or dislike. Moreover, take a break between the two subjects.


8. Apply OK 4R Study Method

The OK4R study method was invented by Dr Walter Pauk. O stands for Overview, K stands for Key ideas, 4R stands for Reading, Recall, Reflect and Review. The method has been described below:

  • Overview: In this stage read the headings, introduction and summary to get a general idea about the chapter.
  • Key Ideas: Go back to the beginning of the chapter and go through the key ideas. Go through the first line of each paragraph, bold type text, italics, diagrams.
  • Reading: Since you have got an idea about the topics, you should start reading the topics from beginning to end.
  • Recall: After reading the chapter, keep the book aside and try to write down the important points.
  • Reflect: Think about the topics you have read and try to find out their significance. Try to relate the topics you have studied with the other topics.
  • Review: After completing the study revise them again after a few days to refresh them in your memory.

9. Don’t Panic

Try to be calm during the exam. Being panic in an exam will leave you in a state of nervousness which may lead you to failure. Panic also makes you lose confidence.

When you panic, you get confused and may answer the questions incorrectly. Therefore, try to be positive. A positive mindset will help you to be relaxed and confident.

10. Reach the Venue Early

Try to reach the examination venue at least an hour before the exam. When you reach the venue earlier, you will get the time to complete all the formalities before an exam. Thus you will not feel nervous and can adjust to the environment of the examination hall.

11.  Attempt the Easy Questions

By attempting the easy questions first, you will gain confidence and don’t feel nervous. Therefore, try to attempt those questions first you are comfortable with. Thereafter, attempt those you are less sure about. Since there is no negative marking, there will be no problem if you attempt all the questions.


To do any work, you must have a proper strategy. It is also necessary to follow a proper strategy when you are preparing for an exam.

If you also want to prepare or are preparing for the Meghalaya TET, you will be beneficial by going through the above-mentioned tips.

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