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10 Awesome Preparation Tips for Assam TET

By Barnali Barman
Last updated on 30th Oct 2021
Assam TET

The teacher Eligibility Test is the minimum qualification to appoint the candidates for the posts of teachers in primary and upper primary schools under the state government.

Assam Teachers Eligibility Test also known as Assam TET is conducted by the Department of Elementary Education, Assam to recruit qualified candidates for the posts of Teacher in Lower Primary and Upper Primary level of schools within the state of Assam.

There will be two papers. Paper I will be for persons who intend to be a teacher for Lower Primary Level teacher and Paper-II will be for persons who intend to be a teacher for upper primary level.

Preparation Tips

If you are preparing for Assam TET, you may go through the following preparation tips:

1. Know the Syllabus

Before starting the preparation for any exam, you should know the syllabus of that exam. The syllabus helps you to know about the exam. Going through the syllabus is the first step you have to take once you have decided to appear for the exam.

When you understand your syllabus, you will understand the exam as well. By knowing your syllabus, you will also be able to manage your time to meet the deadline.

2. Know the Exam Pattern

Once you have gone through the syllabus, you should know the exam pattern as well. The exam pattern helps you to know about the marks distribution, stages of the exam and question pattern.

3. Collect the Study Material

Buy the books and collect the study material from reliable sources. Buy those books which can clear your concepts. The name of a few books has been mentioned for your help.

For Child Development and Pedagogy, you may get the book of Arihant Publication, for language paper you may get the popular master guide for Assam TET, for mathematics, you may have the Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggrawal and for environmental studies, you may have the book Environmental Studies for CTET and TET by Dreamtech Press.


4. Study Regularly

Regular study will help you to keep your focus on the exams. Regular study will also help you to complete the syllabus on time. Moreover, the regular study will help you to stay organized and maintain a connection with the exam.

5. Revise

The more you will revise a topic the more your brain will be able to retain that in your memory. Revision is the key to get success in any exam.

To keep your brain reminding the topics, you may surround yourself by sticking the contents in the easily noticeable area.

6. Make a Time Table

A timetable helps you to manage your time and focus on each subject equally. It also helps you to continue your study with discipline.

7. Prepare Notes

Prepare notes to make it convenient to revise the important topics before the exam. Make notes in an easy and comprehensible manner so that you don’t have to face difficulty when the exam is near.

Moreover, those contents that require to remember, you may stick them on the wall or on the conspicuous part of your house so that you may have your eye on them.


8. Study in a Good Environment

Try to study in a good environment. When you start studying, you should make sure that you are away from the noise and any other type of distraction. When you will be at peace, your productivity will increase.

Always arrange your study room at your convenience. Try to arrange the place where you study in a comfortable way.

9. Use Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique is used to break work into intervals. After every 25 minutes, you should take intervals. These intervals are known as the Pomodoro technique. To set the timer, you may take the help of various apps.

By using the Pomodoro technique, you may increase focus and attention. You can also do the work efficiently. A case study by Chris Winfield reveals that one can finish 40 hours of work in 16.7 hours by applying the Pomodoro method.

10. Be confident

To be confident during the exam, you should attempt those questions first you are comfortable with. Once you are done with the easy questions, you should be relaxed and move forward solving the difficult questions.

Keep track of the time in the examination hall. Try to finish every question within a stipulated time.


Although many candidates appear for the Assam TET exam, only a few candidates are able to clear the exam. To clear the exam successfully, you will have to devote yourself to serious preparation for the exam.

The above-mentioned preparation tips may be beneficial to you to clear the exam successfully.

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