Know About Us

“All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is in making the connections” 

Arthur Aufderheide

Knowledge is power and the key ingredient for success. We at Bihog are trying to create a significant impact and uplift the social and economic stature of the society. We believe in adding values to lives. And even a small positive change in someone else’s life would boost our morale to put in more hard work.

Derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Bihangam’,… Bihog represents an idea of flying high and limitless. Deep understanding and a vast knowledge base in any field, liberates an individual from the inherent limitations of ignorance and equip him/her to explore the limitless possibilities and opportunities it has to offer, free as a bird, thus, resembling ‘Bihog’.

At Bihog, we vow to cover those issues and people that brings or has brought a positive change in the life of mankind be it technical or non-technical, social or political. We are also covering up topics on skill and technical development, career opportunities, business strategies and many more that enlighten roads of progress. Bihog endeavours to bring upliftment stories round the corners of life that creates mark not only on calendar but human civilisation as well.